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    54 remote Joey 4k, pause issue

    Say, if the remote has been sitting, or the show playing for a bit. If I hit pause most of the time the play symbol shows up, and skips a bit forward. Hit pause again it works, and for the next bit of time Not sure what or why, but has anyone else seen this?? Thanks for your time Joel
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    EHD H3 lost all listings, space used shown correctly

    hey all, my ehd was shown as an option, lets say it has 500g of stuff on it. the space available shows say 54% or something different than the H3 itself. the problem is nothing is listed for shows or whatever. any thoughts, ideas ?? i can play with the drive on the computer, it still shows the...
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    Guide data if i remove locals from package ?? lo

    hello, say after losing hbo, then the local channel that never seemed to go away. i have had the 2 tuner ota for quite a while (last dispute?), so it got me thinking. If i remove my local channels from my top 250 package, (or 200 for example) do i still receive guide data guessing i lose the...
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    joey 4k, FF goes too far (hopper 3)

    say, on my 4k joey, if im scanning forward, say during a race or something, when i hit play. often times it's way past where the preview image showed it would be. i think it happens at all speeds. super annoying, say skimming a race, want to catch the last 10 laps, hit play where i want, and it...
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    Blue Planet II in 4k??

    Hey this starts tonight, not seeing a 4k listing anywhere. The last spring series was also on 540 in 4k, hopper 3 and Joey 4k Any information on this?? Thanks! PS next week has the show as new, but a different title, so no way to record the series. Dang guide has been terrible the last 6 months...
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    Hopper 3 vod problem today

    Hey all, my vod has always worked great on hybrid h3, no issues. Today shows are stuck processing. Nothing downloading. Rebooted router, hopper3, reset network in h3, tested with YouTube on the h3 and it works just fine. Guessing it's not on my end? Anything else I can try? I have 3 things...
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    ethernet from joey to devices ??

    say can the RJ45 ports on Joey be used for internet to a device in the same location ?? tried but had no luck. trying to connect a tv to my lan, in a location with a joey, wanting a wired connection where there is no wire at this time. thanks !!
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    H3 U343 now installed fixes ?? problems ??

    interesting, still get the black screen spin up state on the ehd, have to hit dvr on the black screen, reselect the show and it plays fine. bluetooth volume on my headphones is much lower now. was LOUD on the softest setting. might be too quiet now. had to repair, did not reboot to see if...
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    H3 manual timer, end time shown wrong

    Hmm, since tmz changed its 630 show name in the guide, i want to set a manual timer, so i dont record the earlier 1hr show also. So i made a timer, start at 628, and at 7pm. Weekdays. Now the information screen on the right about the timer shows a end time at 228 am. Not sure what that is...
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    H3 extend timer

    Say like tonight, shows got pushed back a few minutes. My 722k was super easy to add more time just for a recording that day, not changing the main show timer, if that makes sense. Good example sis CBS during football, my 722k I could extend a show X amount that day only. Does the hopper...
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    Original air date off 1 day

    Information, summary, first aired is off by 1 day for new shows. New stuff tonight showing yesterday for the original air date in information and the schedule in the DVR menu . Guide shows it as new airing yesterday Any way to fix this or is this a guide data error?? Hopper 3 336 software, did...
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    H3 dvr percent remaining and folder count wrong??

    Quirks in the folders, say 1 folder will show 5 items, but enter the folder and there are 2 things listed, back on and it then shows 2 on the folder icon. Rentals had 3 things, delete 1, then showed 0, enter folder then there are 2 listed. Strange. Also the percent dvr shows 11% but deleting...
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    H3 remotes, 40 advantage?? Besides more buttons

    Hey guys, I have a new setup, I still have my 21.1 remotes, so I can use those for ir. I purchased a 40 and a 50 remote, starting to warm up to the 52, and the voice works good on the 50. I thought there was an advantage of having a 40 remote aside from the added buttons. I just don't remember...
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    Dish pass like on H3 ??

    hello, is there an option to record " motorcycle racing" on a dish pass or something similar ?? normally its on 5 different channels. sorry if this has been covered before. setting up my 100 timers, not a terrible job, and almost all were done using the search. thanks for any help or...
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    new install this morning H3, joey X2, 2.0 or 4k ??

    install this am !! Excited (now 722k, 621, 211) is it worth the $100 for 2 4k joey compared to the 2.0 ?? these will not be connected to a 4k set and don't have any firm plans to replace tvs, although its always fun to toss the idea around, lol there is another 2 year contract added from the 4k...
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    Hopper and Joey watching same show?? Mirror??

    Quick question, super sorry if covered before. Looking at a hopper 3 and joeys, on a Joey can it mirror or watch what the hopper is watching, like a DVR show or TV, paused, stuff like that. Example hopper in basement, Joey upper living room, the wife likes watching with me, in a different...
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    Grrrrrr, dvr playback cut short, sometimes barely in

    Well on occasion some playback will end early, sometimes very early. It shows the correct length, but seems like it has a bad spot and it can't get passed it. The box is a 722k with Ota module. It has happened a few times recently, but today it really irked me. Was recording on dish fox...
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    speed center replacement show ??

    hey guys, not sure where to post this. big race fan and loved speed center so i could get a recap across various Motorsports from the weekend. Has anyone found anything like it or say a replacement ?? thanks much for the time, ?Joel
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    signal loss, triplexer vs diplexer and seperator

    is there any difference in the loss between a diplexer and separator vs a triplexer ?? or very minor? I have a ota and modulator fed and back fed, plus a separator for the dual tuners. just thinking outloud if I use a triplexer would my ota signal be stronger ?? (9 and 11 are vhf now, and I am...
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    dvr211 having slowdowns, and other problems.

    I have a DVR211 that was converted at the beginning. my problem is that sometimes, and more often now the receiver becomes very slow and unresponsive. my wife also complains that she is missing parts of her shows due to glitching and freezing. Temps dont seem to be an issue at that location...