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    Netflix & Joey

    Good afternoon, I have a Netflix on Joey getting worse. I can access and select a show to watch on a Joey 4K, but the remote stops working. In the past, it was after the popup asking if I was still watching. Now, shortly after the selected show begins to play, the remote will no longer...
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    Hopper3 & Lip Sync

    Good evening. Lately, I have been having problems with lip sync on various channels, has anyone recently had these problems? Lip sync issues seem to be worse on recorded local stations. If you had lip sync problems, were you able to find a solution? Thanks
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    Hopper 3 & Dish Anywhere

    Good morning. I have a Hopper 3 and was setting up Dish Anywhere, but have a problem trying to watch live tv. I can watch DVR recorded shows, but when I attempt to watch live tv, I receive a message in Dish Anywhere all tuners are busy, you can only watch DVR events. Checking my Hopper 3...
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    Pointing Dish to EA

    Good evening. I recently switched to a Hopper 3 after years of a 722k. I would take the receiver with us in the RV and never had much trouble setting up the antenna. Today, I took our Hopper 3 with a 1000.2 dish and DPH LNB, but can't seem to find 61.5 and 72 for the Hopper. I usually use a...
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    Hopper 3 in RV

    Good morning. I recently upgraded to the Hopper 3 and have a couple questions concerning it's use in a RV. I upgraded from two 722k receivers and would take one from the house when I used our RV. I'm on the eastern arc and have a 1000.4 & 1000.2 antenna I keep in the RV in case one arc is...
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    Hopper 3 OTA Recording Problem

    With the update to 308, I still have a problem watching OTA recordings. If I watch OTA live, there are no picture breakups or dropouts. If I watch an OTA recording, there are constant picture breakups and dropouts. The OTA signal is 95%. Is any one still experiencing these problems watching...
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    Updgraded from 722k to Hopper 3

    Good morning, I recently upgraded from two 722k receivers to a Hopper 3 and 3 Joeys, but the HD video quality seems to be less on the Hopper and Joeys compared to the 722k. The HDMI cables between the TV and Hopper and one of the Joey's are the same used with the 722k, the only difference being...
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    Dish just started uplinking our locals at 105. I currently have a Dish 500 for 110 and 119. I have a spare Dish 300 and a spare Dish 500. Can one of these dishes be used to receive 105 instead of using the superdish? The orginal setup of the Dish 500 and Dish 300 was used to receive 119 110...