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    CE's for Fathers Day Weekend

    Does everyone have no On-Demand with the CEs?
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    Tuner Listing

    It was only recording on two tuners. I thought it was going to be an obvious answer!
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    Tuner Listing

    No as was using the remote only.
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    Tuner Listing

    I have a Genie and saw a screen that had what was playing on each tuner but don't know how to see it again. Please help!
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    New HD GUI

    Seriously? I have one TV hooked up via the HDMI and the rest of the house hooked up via COAX using an RF-Modulator from the RCA connectors. Does this mean I won't be able to see the guide, menus, etc. from the other TV's?
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    HR24 / H24 CE Release 6/18 0x3EF

    Has anyone downloaded a CE that was not running SWM?
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    Trying to sub In canada.

    They require a US Credit Card now and a SSN now so that is no longer working.
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    HR2X & R22 5/1 CE v0304

    worried about the same thing
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    Guide Update

    I am having LOS issues for 119 with my SL-5 and just got the message this morning. What should I do?
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    Sirius S50 recording problem

    Here is a link to another site where they are talking about a memo feature no longer working... it's basically the same problem. "Memo" feature no longer working? - Digital Forum
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    Sirius S50 recording problem

    Absolutely and they said they were sending out a patch on January 15th and that obviously never happened!
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    Sirius S50 recording problem

    Yup.... same problem here.
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    Dallas HD news

    I have a S1 Tivo that I would rather give up so this is going to suck.
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    Dallas HD news

    Will they likely allow us to upgrade without deactivating our HD-Tivo for a large credit as I would still like to keep my Tivo?
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    Fuse TV IA-13

    Yes, I have a C-Band and KU LNB on my 8ft dish. I just can't seem to get that station however.
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    Fuse TV IA-13

    I am trying to get FuseTv from transponder 14. Are you able to tune into that channel by chance? Thanks