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  1. Ganthet

    DirecTV equipment question - exploring my options

    I'm currently a Dish subscriber and am nearing the end of my 24-mo contract and price lock. I'm slightly annoyed by the HBO dispute and am always looking to reduce expenses so it seems prudent to at least check out DirecTV's offers. My current setup: 1 Hopper 3 (connected to 4KTV) 1 4K Joey...
  2. Ganthet

    4K Joey recall

    I just got a 4K Joey and can't seem to figure out a small issue. When I hit recall it jumps back to the last channel and then pops us the other recent channels. On my H3 and Joey 2, that button first brings up the recent channels and then I can select which one. I cannot seem to find the...
  3. Ganthet

    Joey from eBay

    Just curious what the dangers of buying a 4K Joey off eBay are. I see a few on there (claiming to be new-in-box) for a good price. I'm considering upgrading my current Joey 2.0.
  4. Ganthet

    Add-on Joey Self-Install?

    I'm currently building a house. When I move in I'll just have Dish set up my current Hopper3 and single Joey. Down the line I might want an additional Joey or two. Can I order the Joey from Dish and do a self-install? Adding a splitter to the Hybrid Hub is well within my technical skills. I'm...
  5. Ganthet

    Back to being a Satellite guy

    Well, after two years with Google Fiber TV circumstances have brought me back to Dish. (Splitting from the wife and my new place does not get GF) Tried local cable with a TIVO first (TWC/Spectrum) but was very disappointed with the picture quality. Sold the Tivo to a friend and went back to...
  6. Ganthet

    Hopper skipping timers without conflict

    I have had several scheduled shows skipped even though there is no conflict. The first was "Game of Thrones" on 4/1. A fews days becore i checked the daily schedule and it was set to record. There was nothing else scheduled at that time and the Hopper and Joeys were in Standby. For some reason...
  7. Ganthet

    Huge audio swings on Joey

    On one of my 2 Joeys I m seeing huge swings in audio. When I turn it on a channel (SD or HD) might be so quiet I have to turn the volume up to 75% to hear it. Then I do something like go into the menu or turn it off an back on and suddenly the volume has to be turned down to 10%. I've turned...
  8. Ganthet

    My ViP to Hopper checklist

    To channel my excitement waiting for my upgrade on 3/22 I decided to make my own little checklist to be ready for the upgrade. I figured I'd post it here for anyone else waiting for an upgrade. I'm sure I'll adjust/add to it as these early installs unfold. Please feel free to offer suggestions...
  9. Ganthet

    Fantastic Dish Network Customer Service Story

    It's often pointed out that there are more complaints posted against a provider than compliments. So to help address that I thought I'd share a recent experience: This past Saturday for no good reason both my receivers (622 and 211) totally lost reception to the 129 sat. (I'm in the Kansas...