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  1. JTBenson

    CBS All Access Live TV

    I am not sure if anyone else has encountered this problem, but I was watching the NCAA Tournament on CBS All Access (through my local channel) on my Roku and iPad with no problem. But my TV in the kitchen is hooked up to a Fire TV and when I tried to watch on that, it said my local channel was...
  2. JTBenson

    St. Joe Mo getting NBC affiliate
  3. JTBenson

    Technical Issue with Hopper and Joey

    I am having an issue and would like to solve it without having a dish tech come out. Here is what happened: 1. My setup is two hoppers with two joeys each. 4 lines coming out of the switch. 2 going to separate hoppers and two going to the joeys. 2. I removed the Joey from one room and put it...
  4. JTBenson

    EHD recordings not showing up

    I have a 1TB hard drive and I had over 500GB of recordings on it and today when I tried to access it, it looked like it was empty. I connected it to 3 different receivers and it is not showing up on any of them. I tried transferring a recording to it and when I did, it showed about 450GB...
  5. JTBenson

    Post-Game Blackouts

    This was asked in the DirecTV forums, but I thought I would ask it here because it is happening on Dish Network also. I noticed the other night that the Cardinals post game show was blacked out. They only blacked out the games in the past, but now they are blacking out any Cardinals pre and...
  6. JTBenson

    Issue with Switches DPP44 and DP34

    I have one DPP44 switch and one DP34 switch. My Current setup is DPP44 1) through the power pack to a 510 2) 622 3) 622 4) 612 DP34 1) 522 - 1st Tuner 2) 522 - 2nd Tuner 3) 625 - 1st Tuner 4) 625 - 2nd Tuner I want to get a separator for the 522 so I can free up one of the lines for cable...
  7. JTBenson

    OTA Channels without guide info

    I, like many people, got my locals today and as a result I also got guide information on my OTA's, but there are still some channels that don't have guide information. Here are the ones that are missing guide info: TBN Church Channel JCTV Enlace USA Smile of a Child THIS qubo Ion Life Most...
  8. JTBenson

    ESPN and TBS can't get blackout zip codes right.

    According to this map, I live only in Kansas City Royals territory (St. Joseph, MO which is about an hour northwest of KC). However, TBS and ESPN black me out of every single St. Louis Cardinals game claiming that I...
  9. JTBenson


    Did the House pass STELA? Today is the deadline for the latest extension of SHVERA.
  10. JTBenson

    AT&T w/ sling

    I am planning to get a slingbox in April and move to AT&T after my contract runs out with Sprint next year. I want to get a phone where I can view my slingbox anywhere (not just on wifi). What would be the best phone to get?
  11. JTBenson

    Moving and Techincal Support

    If I were to "move", but then subsequently needed technical support, am I out of luck? What if my receiver dies and I need a new one? Will they send it to my real address instead of my virtual address?
  12. JTBenson

    2009 Men's NCAA Basketball Tournament

    Let the Madness Begin HoopsTournament.Net - Home
  13. JTBenson

    Does Dish still install a free antenna?

    When I lost my distant nets, Dish came and installed a free antenna in my house because I am in an unserved area (no locals - even SD). My wife's parents house burned down in July and they are rebuilding and are ready for Dish Network to come and hook a dish up to their new house. They live in...
  14. JTBenson

    Thinking of getting DirecTV for one TV

    I currently have Dish Network and have it hooked up to 7 TV's, but with them not having EI, not playing Fox College Sports Games, not having The Mtn., not having Distant Nets in HD, etc., I was thinking of getting DirecTV, but putting it on just my 50". I have a couple of questions. What would...
  15. JTBenson

    Distant Nets in HD?

    I sent All American Direct the following e-mail: Here is their response: Will it really happen or is this just someone who thinks that digital in Feb means they will be HD? Or are they just saying what I want to hear so I will wait until the end of the year to ask again?