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  1. jegrant

    Just Canceled

    Update: I called in, and it took several threats to cancel, but I ended up getting XM Select in my car and on streaming and I'm still paying $6.98/month billed monthly, total cost charged to my card. I do think $7/mo is all it's worth, and it's only worth that much because they're throwing in...
  2. jegrant

    Frndly Tv

    I think this reminds me somewhat of Sky Angel - Dish has always been aware of this niche, hence why they were one of the original providers to cater to it, not only by integrating SA* but later the Heartland Pack as well.
  3. jegrant

    Comcast Economy [Favorite Channel List or Simplifying the Guide?]

    Yeah I would actually say just get an antenna and a Roku, and use Pluto, Stirr, Xumo for hundreds of free channels, and Philo or Sling if you want to pay $20 or $25 to get a decent "cable" type package. At least in some areas Comcast has an internet only plan where you get 25 Mbps down / 2 Mbps...
  4. jegrant

    Just Canceled

    Here is a question: I currently have the $4.99/month billed monthly promo, which with taxes/fees/royalties comes out to $6.98/month charged. This is for streaming only. So, under the new SiriusXM packages, will they give me the "new" Select plan that includes a hardware XM radio plus the free...
  5. jegrant

    Disney Plus +

    Supposedly Hulu is going to start promoting the ad free option more heavily, so I do hope they consider an "ad free bundle" of Hulu+ad free and Disney+. Hulu CEO Randy Freer explains why Hulu never promoted its ad-free version
  6. jegrant

    Disney Plus +

    I am hoping to get a bundle of the $11.99 Hulu plan with Disney+ for as close to $15 as possible. It's probably going to be more like 16.99, though.
  7. jegrant

    AT&T Wants low ARPU customers gone

    I am glad I transferred my "grandfathered" DTVN account to someone else a while back, because the DVR never worked very well for me and I honestly didn't watch enough of the programming to keep it. I've since gone to the $16 plan at Philo - the DVR is fantastic and I can always skip commercials...
  8. jegrant

    New lower cost Streaming only plan : From what I can tell, the standard promo plans available by calling would be cheaper than the military discount, unless you really hate to call every 6-12 months.
  9. jegrant

    New lower cost Streaming only plan

    Can I listen to Major League Baseball games online? Yes, you can stream every Major League Baseball game on your computer or mobile device with a subscription to the All Access package or with the streaming add-on to a qualifying satellite radio subscription.
  10. jegrant

    Radar channel 33.2

    Yeah I feel like either the sub channels are going to look like old-school YouTube (240p) or the main CW channel there won't be in HD, but maybe a wide screen 480p.
  11. jegrant

    New lower cost Streaming only plan

    From what I recall, the MLB contract with SiriusXM, requires you to have a physical hardware satellite radio in order to get the full MLB play by play, which is why the "online only" plans don't include that.
  12. jegrant

    fox news? also carries Newsmax, which is very conservative, last I checked. I am almost positive that if FOX would sell FOX NEWS without buying 1,000 other FOX channels, then more providers would carry it. For example, I'm sure if a fair price was offered, Sling would add it to their News Extra...
  13. jegrant

    The Ergen-Locast Link

    The Local Choice proposal mentioned in this article is fantastic, excellent, and long overdue. This would turn all local channels into either "Must Carry" (at a $0 retransmission fee) or "Local Choice" where each local channel would set an amount of money, and each subscriber would choose which...
  14. jegrant

    Court TV Making a Return

    We have two Tribune stations here in Indianapolis so I hope at least one picks this up.
  15. jegrant

    Future of Diginets?

    Also look at Pluto TV and Xumo TV, both of which offer free, live, multichannel packages like STIRR does. Pluto was recently bought by Viacom and they will keep the free offering but plan to add paid options as well.
  16. jegrant

    called to cancel service

    I was recently (finally) able to get streaming only for 6 months for $30 (it comes out to just under $39 including taxes, royalty fees, etc.). Previously they would only offer that deal for my car radio and would not offer any streaming only promos. I have Bluetooth in the car, and unlimited...
  17. jegrant

    New Channel Lineup 8/17/17

    I don't know if it's related to the 8/17 change, but XM Channel 144 is finally playing what appears to be a live feed of Arirang Radio, that matches the one heard in the Arirang app, instead of the automated Korean music loop it's had for years. I'm excited that there will finally be DJs and a...
  18. jegrant

    Free Over-the-Air TV Is Going to Get Better

    But if more stations move to VHF, we will need bigger antennas and have more trouble receiving the signal.
  19. jegrant

    Digital Preferred Channels on Comcast Digital Adapter?

    I believe the DTA only receives channels either in Clear QAM or encrypted in a 56 bit Motorola Privacy Mode. I think that the cable companies should be required to provide any channel that is originally broadcast free OTA in a Clear QAM format, but the FCC thinks it's fine to let consumers get...
  20. jegrant

    Sinclair/Tribune update

    I almost want to say that if all Sinclair wants to do with WGN America is air reruns, they should just flip WGN to a simulcast of one of their various subchannels, or perhaps use WGN to launch the rumored "Antenna TV Classic". They could still keep the WGN branding for a while if needed per...