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    Another Motor Install Thread

    I have installed many 90cm Ku dishes looking at G19. A client called and I committed to install one for him and add a motor to find a replacement source for what he now gets from DirecTV. I have assessed his location and installed a very plumb iron pipe on which sits a new GeoSatPro dish and it...
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    Dare 2 Dream

    Dare to Dream channel 114 did not list on new DVR 1200.. Anyone know why?
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    New non Glorystar question

    I know this isn't the place, but there are folks here who have been helpful before. Since I've been successful on many GS installs, I haven't needed to come here. I have gotten many calls to install Direct and Dish systems through FTA Install. Does anyone here know where to get...
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    New to Direct

    I have had several requests to install/aim Dish and Direct dishes. I have never done anything with either Dish or Direct, but I've done many FTA G19 dishes. I have a current request and feel if I had the parameters (on FirstStrike meter) TP freq, Simbol Rate, polarity for one of the 3 lnb's in...
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    Micro HD re program

    Hello. I have purchased one MicroHD. It is now being used by a French speaking couple. They have been tuning in about 4 or so french speaking channels but now can't get them. Since I don't use this advanced receiver, I will appreciate any suggestions for updating his receiver and how to add...
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    It's been some time since I posted anything here. I'll describe my current experience and read any feedback. I had a friend switch to Roku and gave me his dish system (in storage). It says 3abn on the dish. This is an azure shine produced dish with tripod lnb mount on the rim of the dish. The...
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    GEOSATpro DSR200 Receiver Won't Power On

    Hello again. I have a similar problem now. This time it is a 'new' 200c. New as in not used, but I've had it for some months. Upon plugging in, and turning on the main switch, the red light on the front came on and then went off and displayed the number 2. There was no signal on the rf output...
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    Options for sound on Mercury II

    Hello, Haven't been on here for a long time. I'm glad to see the HDVR1200 now shipping. I have a user who has a Fortec Star Mercury II. He is relatively unhappy with it overall. He speaks french, so has added 4 french speaking channels, 154, Tele Congo; 163, ORTB; 77, Tele Anacona; and 127...
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    Receiver not responding to remote

    Hi. I have a problem I've not seen before. Maybe someone else has. I installed a new 2 receiver system (both 1100c's) at a friend's house an hour away. All worked fine until the other day when one of the receivers refused to respond to commands from the remotes. I confirmed that the receiver...
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    Hook up Signal loss

    Hi, Just set up a new location with weather threatening, so I did a temporary dish on a tripod. Quickly got good signal quality on all desired xponders. Next I searched the used cable left in the house by direct TV. My FristStrike gave good readings at the dish and at the viewing site inside...
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    Using the 1100c

    In all my experience with dish programming, I've not used any recording. I've installed and used 3 1100c's and temporarily experimented with recording. I've also moved them around from location to location for the adjusting I've done with other users. The receivers work just fine in non record...
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    Is the MicroHD a resonable replacement for new installs?

    It's been some time since the initial announcement of the MicroHD, so I don't remember all the details, but it seems it can be used in place of the current 200c/1100c. The specification list shows composite vide and 2 audio outputs, but I don't see them on the image of the back of the unit...
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    Editing Channel List

    I installed a GeoSatPro100 last fall and upon updating, it would not allow any channel editing. After some phone conversation with Glorystar folks, I left the receiver viewing the user's choice of 'Adventist'. I think the alternative was 'Glorystar'. I installed a new GSP200c last week and did...
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    Remote for GeoSatPro Power button flashing

    Hi, I have a user whose remote control blinks the power button and doesn't work. The only way he was able to get the blinking to stop was to take the batteries out. I have another and will replace it when I can get back there. Does anyone have an idea what causes this? The unit is new...
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    Warning on a GeoSat 200c

    Hi. I installed a recent purchace at a client's home and I had the usual difficulty find a useable signal on weak G19/11842. It worked fine for 3 days then the image froze with the following message: ...."WARNING! DO NOT POWER Off--software downloading--flash write. --WARNING!! Do NOT sot...
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    Can't find tp Freq 11842

    Hello, The origional thread of this name is very old by now. I've not been on here for a long time because I've been successful in all the G19 aims, thankfully! The old thread still has all my stresses, as well as some others'. I am stumped again. I'll describe below. Similar to an install...
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    Finding exact lat and long by map

    Hi. I have DP on iPad. I remember while researching and purhcasing it, I found a site where I could move around on a map and below will display the exact latitude and longitude numbers. Just can't remember where that is. Any help? Thanks
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    Windows.old taking up a lot of space - Is it necessary?

    I reinstalled Vista some time ago and now realize that I have a C: directory of 'Windows.old'. It is bigger than the 'Windows' just above it. It also includes user files. Where did it come from? and can I delete it? Not sure where on here to ask. Please advise if I should ask somewhere else...