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    Hallmark and Hallmark movies and mysteries

    just noticed added channels Hallmark channel 121 Hallmark movies and mysteries channel 122
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    Just installed Orby TV for my Girlfriend

    Hello just bought the Orby tv stb at bestbuy. the $99 stb.I had a spare fta ku dish 90cm standard ku lnb .83%signal.The channels look pretty good, not bad.Just need to get a diplexer for OTA WBNG ,WICZ TV we live in a rural area DSL internet .She is very happy right now.she also loves watching...
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    quad c band lnbf

    Hello anyone know where to get new or used 6 of these c band lnbfs, like a esx244 lnbf
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    Is this dish any good?

    hi would anyone know if this dish is good?the person wants $50 for it.they said its a fiber glass 12 FT thanks.