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    Dish Programming Changes

    I came home today and turned on channel 276 which was Gaither TV. Now it has other programming on it. I chatted with Dish and they wanted to argue that nothing had changed. I told them I was watching the channel and it had infomercials on it. I got frustrated and left the chat. Is there any...
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    The Church Channel

    Is anyone having trouble with sound on the church channel. I can barely understand what is being said.
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    The Family Friendly Entertainment channel

    Is anyone having trouble with GMTN. I get the station id but there is nothing on it.
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    old skyangel receiver

    I did not go with sky angel iptv. Could I call dish and have the receiver I used changed over as a second dish receiver on another tv or is that even worth the effort. It is a receiver I paid for originally for the sky angel only. I have dish network now also so I took down the old dish and...
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    Glorystar delivery

    Does anyone know how long it takes for satellite to be shipped out. I placed an order on February 28 and the order does not show to have been shipped out to Fedex yet. Thought I would give it another couple of days to see if there is any status on order.
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    I ordered Glorystar on 2/28 and it will take 10-14 days to get the package. They said they would email the tracking numbers when Fedex gets it in their system. I have had lots of trouble with Fedex and want to know if anyone else got any tracking numbers before shipment was made.
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    sky angel problems

    I am having problems with my sky angel receiver. I have to turn the tv as loud as it will go to hear the stations and then when switch to my other dish satellite, it is blaring out. Anyone else having any problems. I got a new receiver and have the same problem.