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    What happened to ABC in Orlando?

    It was 43 miles away now it's showing 65. Could it be temporary do to the repak. Needless to say I can no longer get it.
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    Sign up with no Dish or Box

    I just want access to TV everywhere apps. Think they will let me sign up that way?
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    Another OTA DVR

    Amazon announces new Fire TV Recast — DVR for Fire TVs, Echos, and Mobile devices I expect this to put Tablo out if business.
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    Another $35 site

    I guess these are offshoots of Viva live TV. My concern about the legality is having NY/NI locals and 7 day rewind on all content with the ability to FF Live TV Streaming Online | SkyStream TV
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    Hdhomerun premium

    Game changer, if you can get OTA Premium TV - Silicon Dust
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    Cost of Flex?

    Looking at Dish Flex. I see starting at $34.99. What else is there. I guess there is a Dvr charge. Any extra cost for a basic receiver ? Is there one that will work with a sling adapter?
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    Spectrum tv stream

    Didn't know if there is a thread already Spectrum tv stream for their internet subscribers. Base $20 includes Available Channels in Addition to SPP Basic A&E FX Lifetime Movie AMC FXX National Geographic Animal Planet FX Movie Channel Oxygen Bravo Hallmark Spectrum News (where carried) CNN...
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    just signed up

    I just signed up for the 19.99 promo with the hd reciever for 6.50, any idea what other fees taxes for Central Florida. Thanks