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  1. ericha

    EHD stalls

    I’ve been moving a bunch of movies to a larger EHD, and have found it to be horribly unreliable. It seems that at least every day I have to reboot the receiver to get it to work again. Is this common, or am I missing something? Hopper 3, moving from 3 TB WD to 6 TB WD disk. No, they aren’t...
  2. ericha

    SVU Season 21

    The latest episodes of season 21 now can be archived! That’s even more weird.
  3. ericha

    SVU Season 21

    My Hopper3 says SVU season 21 episodes 10-12 are to be recorded on USA on 12/6. Weird.
  4. ericha

    SVU Season 21

    This is from a manual timer. PTAT is turned on. No other program seems to have this problem, although I don’t think I’m trying to archive anything else that might be recorded by PTAT. SVU isn’t even recorded via PTAT anyway, it’s on USA network.
  5. ericha

    SVU Season 21

    Law & Order SVU season 21 is weird. I can’t archive it on my Hopper3, and the episodes seem to disappear after a while, even though there is plenty of disk space available. Has anyone else experienced this? Do we know why this is happening? I haven’t seen it happen on any other programming.
  6. ericha

    Hopper Upgrades

    No response, and it's been a week! I did it over the phone instead:(
  7. ericha

    Hopper Upgrades

    I have a single TV and a single 622 DVR. I would like to upgrade to the new Hopper with Sling.
  8. ericha

    922 remote antenna question for DIRT

    The length of the coax cable has nothing (well, almost nothing) to do with the frequency that the antenna is tuned to--the later is based on the length & shaped of the antenna. Otherwise it would be really difficult to install an OTA TV antenna:).
  9. ericha

    Hard Drive Bargain Watch

    I'm curious--has anyone tried a 3 TB drive yet? There's one on sale at Fry's this week for $139.99... I can't tell if it has a single LUN or not--it appears to be a Segate Expansion STAY3000100.
  10. ericha

    Called Dish to Do HD Upgrade - Disappointed They CANNOT Guarantee a 722k

    I just got an HD upgrade to a....622! The installer said that's all they have. Weird!
  11. ericha

    What is your new billing on 721 replacement receivers ?

    I see there is a new "TV 2 connection" fee of $5.00. I'm going to call and complain!
  12. ericha

    Is the iphone being trumped yet?

    FYI--there is actually an official definition of 4G from the ITU, and nothing (including Sprint/Clear or LTE) meets it yet. That defintion is that the system supports 1 Gbps in the downlink and 100 Mbps in the uplink (when stationary, and ideal channel conditions). There is discussion in the...
  13. ericha

    Selecting an OTA antenna - is VHF necessary?

    Most TV's still have analog tuners, so you could look at your CCTV camers that way. You won't be able to record them with the 722--you'd need some other tool for that. This could be a PC, a Tivo, or a specialized security recorder (which usually supports multiple camers).
  14. ericha

    Head Scratcher, 64772

    Why is that (UHF being better than VHF with an indoor antenna)? Is it because you can fit a higher-gain UHF antenna inside? For the same antenna gain, UHF should always be worse (since for the same gain the UHF antenna is smaller).
  15. ericha

    Head Scratcher, 64772

    Do you have a comprehensive list of which stations VHF have reapplied for UHF, and which UHF stations have applied for VHF? I don't particularly like 8VSB modulation, as it's not very good with multipath, but a good equalizer can deal with that. Can you show us some measurement data that...
  16. ericha

    Head Scratcher, 64772

    VHF is actually better for propogation--channel 2 is the best. This is because for the same directionality, the antenna is bigger and intercepts more signal. What makes you think that VHF is worse?
  17. ericha

    How much signal lost through barrel connector?

    A "barrel connector" usually has to ports--e.g. 2 female F connectors. But you said you wanted to combine. Does this mean you want to disconnect the cable from the digiseq, and then join it to the cable to the computer room? I guess that's what you mean, and this takes a barrel connector...
  18. ericha

    Networking Question...

    How about a router in the closet, that connects to the 722 & future slingbox, and also connects to the wireless router upstairs? You can cascade routers pretty much forever.
  19. ericha

    Prepaid dish

    A Dish 500 is set up to receive both 110 and 119. You probably have the antenna pointed off slightly, so the 110 LNB is picking up the 119 satellite. Try respositioning the dish, about 9 degrees farther East (I think that's the right direction:)).
  20. ericha

    vip722 does not record buffer

    I've noticed that my 522 does the same thing. My old 721 let you rewind & start recording, as you mentioned for your 501 & 510. If the buffer contains the beginning of the program, you can tell the 522 to record the entire event.