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  1. jegrant

    SiriusXM 153 finally gets new format

    I guess this is a Spanish language political format? Interesting that there is no announcement of this by SXM directly.
  2. jegrant

    Lafayette, IN to get NBC/FOX affiliate Presumably NBC and FOX will each be carried on subchannels of the new WPBI-LD TV. This will leave them with ABC, CW, and PBS from out of market. Seems like it might be more of a syndex...
  3. jegrant

    Sling Orange adding E!, FX, and USA?

    So, this email I got yesterday says Sling Orange has been "freshly upgraded" to include FX and E!, and the above paragraph mentions watching Mr. Robot (USA). But the text also says Orange would be $25/month.
  4. jegrant

    TBN rebrands Church Channel as Hillsong Channel The Hillsong Channel is available over the air in 37 markets across the USA on the X.2 subchannel of most TBN stations. It's also available via satellite on...
  5. jegrant

    Broadcast Extra (ABC, Univision, UniMas) now available in select DMAs for $5/mo

    Hmm, saw this on SlingTV's website today: Seems to be limited to ABC O&O markets, but nice that they're offering it. And I'm glad it's not part of the basic package.
  6. jegrant

    New channel "Local Now"?

    Noticed a new channel called Local Now today. Seems like a combination of The Weather Channel, AP News Updates, and sports scores/schedules. I think it would be nice to watch for a few minutes when getting ready in the morning. Is this a sign that The Weather Channel is on the way? I will say...
  7. jegrant

    SiriusXM adds France 24 audio simulcast

    Seems kind of random (no press release, no mention of it by either side), and apparently only available online or in the SXM app. I guess this might be good for listening in the car since SXM doesn't count toward my data plan. I wonder if maybe France 24...
  8. jegrant

    And the new Qualified Entity channel goes to... Entity selected in response to January 15, 2015 Request for Proposals: "Sports Leadership and Management Charter School (SLAM)" (According to the PDF they only published the selection of this school to receive a QE channel in December 2015 so this isn't...
  9. jegrant

    Roku SE for $25 on Black Friday (and the following weekend?) The Roku SE appears to be a rebadged Roku 1 that ships with Roku OS 7 already installed. Not top of the line, but if you have a bedroom or kids' room TV and want to put a streaming box on it, this is a good choice. It has analog outputs so should...
  10. jegrant

    MHz Networks launches new "MHz Choice" OTT service This has almost all the subtitled "International Mystery" programming from the free MHz WorldView service, which unfortunately will discontinue its web stream on 10/31/15...
  11. jegrant

    ABC Family to change name to "#Freeform"

    I'm not convinced that this is a great idea, but I look forward to Pat Robertson and his friends at the 700 Club complaining about it. ;)
  12. jegrant

    EastEnders - BBC & Dish "new distribution model"? I haven't seen anything about this on SatGuys, so I thought I'd share. The picture is from this Facebook Page: It appears that EE is off Dish temporarily while they "finalize a...
  13. jegrant

    WNDY-TV adds simulcast of WISH-TV main channel

    I'm happy to report that WISH TV 8.1 is now simulcast on sister WNDY 23.3. This restores coverage of the CW network to much of the area that previously received it from WTTK 29.1 prior to the affiliation change on 1/1/15. The 23.3 signal seems to be 16:9 but likely SD. This also restores local...
  14. jegrant

    Switch from Latino Welcome to English Welcome?

    Does the English Welcome Pack include locals? Can they be opted out of, or are they required? What does this package cost? And, can a DIRT team member assist me in making this change on my account? Doesn't look like I can do it online.
  15. jegrant

    New Lineup April 25?

    WRN has reported they'll be leaving SXM on 4/25. Pop2K is expanding to be heard on Sirius starting 4/25. And, the CRTC has mandated changes in the Canadian lineup beginning in May, which I'm guessing will also be rolled into the 4/25 changes, if SXM has much of a clue. Here's my best guess of...
  16. jegrant

    Comcast North Central Indiana changes

    Attached, please see a new channel lineup, and new price card recently mailed out to customers in Howard, Cass, Miami, and Tipton counties in Indiana. All changes are effective May 1, 2008 according to the letter, which I will post in the next day or two. I think it's notable that at the very...
  17. jegrant

    His Kids Radio offering Wi-Fi "Family Radio"

    I know that many people enjoy the variety of Christian Radio available on Sky Angel, and for those who are looking for an alternative to SA-IPTV, perhaps for a second room where you don't need to have video, but would like to hear family-friendly and Christian radio stations - there is a product...
  18. jegrant

    Comcast Kokomo / Lafayette Channel Adds?

    I saw a cable-inserted commercial here on the Insight>Comcast system in Kokomo, advertising an event that would be on the Golf Channel in January. It advertised the Golf Channel being on channel 71. Currently, it's only on Digital Cable channel 558. Therefore, I speculate that Comcast may be...
  19. jegrant

    $5 Shipping on Pub Membership?

    I have been a member here at SatelliteGuys for a while, and I started to realize how much information I have learned here first, before it was on any other site. So... I tried to purchase a Pub Membership ($19.99/year) earlier today, but PayPal automatically added a $5 shipping charge. Does...
  20. jegrant

    Cheap Antenna Extension Cord?

    Where in the world can I find a cheaply priced extension cable for satellite radio antennas? My bedroom is on the north side of my house, yet I have satellite radio (XM and Sirius) antennas mounted on the south side for optimal reception. (The Sirius antenna, even after trying many positions...