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  1. dodger72

    Sinclair stations set to go dark on 9/27

    Got up today and my local station had a crawl saying it is being dropped by AT&T next Friday Directv also had a slate about it funny thing is it only mentioned the local ABC and MYTV station and not FOX which is also owned by Sinclair
  2. dodger72

    chico/redding ca has two cw and my tv channels

    for the last month or so there has been two cw and my tv channels in the guide and i can tune to each channel twice. i am thinking they are trying to go hd, but both channels in the pair look the same. it happens on all recievers. i am just curious
  3. dodger72

    Chico/Redding now have a local CW

    just noticed today we finally got our local CW network on channel 13 although it is called cw10 looks to be SD although some shows in the guide say HD
  4. dodger72

    Getting 771 error

    When i woke up this morning and turned on my hr 24-500 i got a black screen and no signal i finally got a picture but now i get a searching for satellite signal every few minutes. it was working fine last night and my other box seems to be ok. any ideas?
  5. dodger72

    deca keeps losing internet

    i have a cinama connection kit connected to my router that keeps losing internet. the box shows a green power light and a blinking orange clink light. i also am losing my connection to my other box through mvr. i have tried resetting my modem and the deca. when i reset my box mrv comes back...
  6. dodger72

    extra inning question

    i downgraded to the entertainment package and i also have the extra innings package. today i went to watch my local team play and i was told that i was not subscribed. i understand rsn's aren't including in the entertainment package, but does that mean they aren't part of extra innings?
  7. dodger72

    two shows didn't record

    i have timers set to record a gifted man an blue bloods for first run episodes. neither one of them recorded last night. in the history section it said that program info had changed. did anyone else have this problem or no what it means?
  8. dodger72

    reddng chico dma locals keep freezing

    my local channels keep freezing on me. this happens on at least three of my local channels since last night. Is anyone else having this problem?
  9. dodger72

    guide problems

    on my hr 24 a lot of the channels say to be announce even for the current time. my h 24 has all of the guiide data. do i have to turn the box off at night to get the full guide download?
  10. dodger72

    did a local channel go hd

    i was watching my local nbc, knvn, last night and it was acting like it was in hd. what i mean by that is that the program was full screen but some of the commercials were shown with pillar boxes on the sides. i know directv has no plans to put this market in hd so i thought it was strange.
  11. dodger72

    MRV Question

    I just got directv a month ago and the only issue i have is with the multii room viewing. every so often when i go to watch something in the bedroom it will say that no video or audio packets where recieved. i have a hr-24 and a h-24. if i reset the dvr it will work fine. Is this a common...
  12. dodger72

    made the switch from dish to direct

    had my install yesterday. sofar its good only minor thing is the remote is real sensitive but i do like that only shows hd and not both hd and sd. got an hr-24 and a h-24 (i think) it is easier to record shows. i'm still trying to learn everything but overall its good
  13. dodger72

    online rebates

    i signed up for D* on monday and it said i had some online rebates to submit. When i go to my account and click on the rebate link it says i have no rebates. anyone no why?
  14. dodger72

    sound issues

    has anyone else notice that on the HD channels the sound level has been very low. this has been going on since sunday. standard channels seem to be fine.
  15. dodger72

    problem with ads

    is anybody else having trouble with clicking on a thread and your browser closing and reopening with a page that tries to scan your computer. it only happens on this site. I am running internet explorer. just thought you would like to know.
  16. dodger72

    courious question

    i have two 311 and one 612. on the 311's i can get KTLA, but not on the 612. i do not have the superstaion package, and I don't really care. just wondering if anyone has heard of this.
  17. dodger72

    VIP 612 shuts down

    i have a VIP 612 reciever. dish network recently added my local channels in hd, and ever since the whenever i watch my local hd channels the reciever will shut down and reboot itself. this doesn't happen on cable hd channels. just local hd channels. any advice?