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  1. antimoz

    Sabres/Bills Sign Long Term Deal with MSG

    Now that the Pegulas own both the Sabres and Bills they are moving their locally produced content for both teams to MSG-Western New York rather than creating a new RSN. With the doubling of rights fees paid to Pegula Sports and Entertainment over the 10 year life of the deal carriage fees paid...
  2. antimoz

    Joey Error 1305 - Connection Not Detected

    Upgraded to a Hopper with two wired Joeys ~3 months ago. Things have worked perfectly for the first couple of months. For the past two weeks one of the Joeys has been misbehaving and increasingly showing error 1305. (See screenshot below.) The error sometimes clears itself but in the worst...
  3. antimoz

    AT&T To Buy DIRECTV for $67 Billion
  4. antimoz

    Apple TV and NHL Gamecenter - Improved Picture Quality?

    Is it me or does NHL Gamecenter have improved picture quality this year? The video seems smoother (higher frame rate?) and sharper in general. Has anyone else observed this? To me the quality of the picture this year rivals that of an HD broadcast on cable or satellite. I see the same...
  5. antimoz

    Time Warner Cable and LIN Broadcasting Carriage Agreement expiring 5/31- Settled 5pm May 31st and affects all LIN stations carried by TWC. LIN's Statement
  6. antimoz

    Retransmission Agreement Expiration - Verizon and LIN Media 1/10/2013 These are the markets that could be affected. (Assuming FIOS is available in all of these markets.)
  7. antimoz

    KHL Game Blacked out on MSG Buffalo?

    Program Guide shows KHL SKA St. Petersburg vs. Dinamo Riga. Instead we get NY Rangers and Winnipeg in SD. Is the Sabres contract with MSG that restricted that they can't show a hockey game from another continent? Crazy!
  8. antimoz

    TWC to Charge Lease Fee for Company Owned Cable Modems Starting 10/15/2012 (Nationwide)

    $3.95/month if you use a TWC provided modem. No charge if you own your modem. VOIP customers will still pay fee.
  9. antimoz

    DP44 Switch - Power Inserter Question

    I'm self installing a DP44 Switch in my system so I can add a new feed to a receiver. The switch will be located in my garage which is about 50' from the receivers inside the house. I can put the power inserter near the switch in the garage or in the house close to the receiver connected to...
  10. antimoz

    Time Warner reportedly reaches deal to carry NFL Network
  11. antimoz

    Possible Carriage Dispute Time Warner vs. MSG, MSG+ Buffalo

    He crawls and commercials have started. Contract ends 12/31/2011. See
  12. antimoz

    Buffalo Sabres in HD coming to FIOS!

    Sabres in HD coming to FiOS next month November 16, 2011 - 1:57 PM Verizon announced today that it expects to provide MSG Network channels in high definition by mid-December. The Federal Communications Commission ruled in September that MSG could not withhold HD feeds of its programming from...
  13. antimoz

    NHL Center Ice

    The Dish Network Website is currently showing that the NHL Center Ice Package is available for a 1 time payment of $123.80. I'm assuming that this is the price for the 2011-12 season. However, when I click on the "order" button the website takes me to the "Pay Per View" page and Center Ice...
  14. antimoz

    Dish Network among Bidders for Blockbuster

    From the Wall St. Journal: Dish, Icahn Make Bids for Blockbuster -
  15. antimoz

    888-285-9984 - Dish Network Marketing? They wont stop calling.

    For about the last two months I have been receiving very frequent calls from 888-285-9984. The first time they called and I answered they told me they were from Dish Network and wanted me to check my setup and if I was near my TV. My account is tied to my cellphone (no landline at my home) and...
  16. antimoz

    Monthly Service Plan-Worth the $6?

    In your opinion, is the $6 monthly service plan worth it? I just came off 9 months of service plan credits for the (15/0 plan) and want to know if I should continue paying or "self insure". Thanks!
  17. antimoz

    Dish Network HD Only Package?

    I live in Western NY and am a D* subscriber. Because of trees I can only barely get the main Sat at 101 and cannot see anything west of that (102, 110 or 119). I was considering E* as an alternative. Many E* HD channels are on their Sat at 61.5 as well as my local HD channels (which I cant...
  18. antimoz

    Combining XM and Sirius Subscriptions into one?

    I have subscriptions to both Sirius and XM. Long story short I have a portable Sirus unit that was installed in an old car and a new OEM XM radio in my new car. The Sirius subscription expires in September and I have two years to go on the XM subscription. Has anyone heard of SiriusXM...
  19. antimoz

    NHL Channel SD Gone?

    I just returned from a couple of weeks away and the NHL Channel is no longer available to me. I did a little checking on the D* website and it doesnt show up in any of the packages except for the HD packages. The channel still appears on SD 215 but has the "Call X-721" message. Anybody know...
  20. antimoz

    Slimline 2 Wire Install Question

    I currently have a 3 LNB dish with two wires running underground from a pole where the dish is mounted to a 4 output multi-switch feeding 4 tuners in my house. I would like to install a Slimline dish but not want to dig under my driveway again to run 2 additional lines. Will a SWM allow me to...