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  1. twizt3dkitty

    DirecTV Santa Tracker Live ch110

    just as the title says there is a santa tracker live on ch110, I dont have much information on it, since my daughter just showed it to me. More information to come I assume. For now I am assuming it requires an internet enabled hddvr, unsure of Genie Lites or HD boxes.
  2. twizt3dkitty

    Emergency alert system

    Did anyone else just see an emergency alert system test? From LA. I'm on the east coast too. Interrupted ch 272 logo. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  3. twizt3dkitty

    Directv ces 2016

    Did anyone get invited to their room, I'm guessing they didn't have a booth as they usually dont. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  4. twizt3dkitty

    Lg possibly added as 4k rvu partner.

    While nothing is concrete ...yet... LG has made press releases stating directv is to be a partner providing 4k content into 2015 at ces. Also several lg tvs were added to the rvu alliance webpage. More details will probably show up tomorrow. LG Electronics certified 2014-09-15 HDTV LB7200...
  5. twizt3dkitty

    Rc71rbx on sale today at solid signal

    Just fyi all. Anyone looking for a back lit 71 they are on sale today.
  6. twizt3dkitty

    Genie and am21 scanning again??

    So this is more of an observation than a statement... but.. my home setup includes 1 hr44.700 and 3 hr24.100s with 4 am21n and a gs2200 amplified antenna. (SL5 with swm16 not that that matters) My Genie was running ce from last week.. (downloading current now) and I'm not sure if this is...
  7. twizt3dkitty

    Saw this at Walmart today.

    So brand new.... electric fireplace tv stand.. and the cable box compartment features a directv hr10.... new tv stand ancient cable box in picture.
  8. twizt3dkitty

    Ota sensar gs2200 batwing.

    I was wondering if anyone who had this exact antenna (amplified version) could tell me what the voltage and amperage of the power inserter is. I believe it's 12vdc... but mine didn't come with instructions or the power adapter.. i however have a plethora of power packs in random voltages... the...
  9. twizt3dkitty

    New feature hdmi control coming soon

    New DirecTV Feature: HDMI Control HDMI Control—a new feature that allows DirecTV set-top boxes to automatically turn on the customer's TV and select the proper input—is currently rolling out with the new software version x851.   The Details: Feature Highlights: ·         HDMI Control will...
  10. twizt3dkitty

    DirecTV New Children's Remote...

    Not sure how I feel about this, came in a SBCA Email to techs, then linked to this page ?
  11. twizt3dkitty

    DirecTV MediaShare... Dead Beta Product?

    So the website lists Mediashare as a beta feature, but its been in 'beta' for over two years now. I have used it to stream my music collection in the past, but the new interface lists video as well. I personally run Plesk Media Server to 2/4 of my tvs via DLNA. But the other two are not smart...
  12. twizt3dkitty

    View bill online (pdf or paperless) without autobill pay

    Just had someone ask me if it is possible to view your bill online or setup paperless billing, but not have auto bill pay enrolled. I looked around online with them quick, and my current observations seem to be that you can only view your statements online if you enroll in auto bill pay with...
  13. twizt3dkitty

    RC71 IR mode, manual program.

    Has anyone figured out how to program the new rc71 remote to tvs manually yet? I tried mute and select and it flashed twice, but my lg code (10812) came back red. The remote works fine in IR on my (34)genie, and I know the RF will not work. But the 34 genie can not program the remote to the...
  14. twizt3dkitty

    Anyone done AAA + Referral RECENTLY??

    So I called AAA to set up an order tonight, waited a bit, then called in to get a referral added, but 4 CSRs over 2 hours told me its just not possible the system wont allow it. I know its a crap shoot, but has anyone done this recently, the last csr actually, stated that she was trying to do...
  15. twizt3dkitty

    Best Stacking Discounts available for New Subs.

    Best Stacking Discounts available for New Subs. *premiums online promo* So Im trying to research the best discounts available to new subs. According to Scotts post As of the 11th, the hr34 will become...
  16. twizt3dkitty

    Current Customer wants HR34

    So I just got off the phone with directv, took several transfers and I finally ended up with someone in case management. All I wanted to know was what pricing I would be looking at to add an HR34 to my system. After my 4 transfers the CM guy finally told me they arnt aloud to offer any...
  17. twizt3dkitty

    Suspending 1 Box

    Im pretty sure that it would need to be returned, but could anyone tell me for certain if it is possible to suspend service to a particular box on my account without sending it back to directv? Assuming I would want to reactivate it in the future.
  18. twizt3dkitty

    AM21N Signal Feed

    Has anyone ever tried to connect an AM21 to a cable system (such as comcast) assuming the drop is live, for example if the cust has Internet/Phone only, lets also assume there is not trap on the pole for the sake of argument. Will the AM21 pick up any channels over this feed? I know if you...
  19. twizt3dkitty

    DirectTV2PC Beta

    hello all, I downloaded the latest beta for DirecTV2PC, 7505 i think, or something like that onto my laptop (dell xpsm1730, good videocard) and already have it on my main desktop, but the activation key is telling me it has been used too many times?? is that from reinstalling betas? or having 2...
  20. twizt3dkitty

    Best advice for watching directv on a pc.

    Hey guys im looking for ideas on hooking up or mirroring a receiver onto my pc, first off i would like to say im not looking for directv2pc as i already use that, but to actually be able to watch live tv on my pc using an existing receiver. H24 to be specific, I can currently hook it up using...