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    Fox Regional Sports Channels status

    I really do not think that they will resolve this issue any time soon. In a few more months it will be 1 year since the dispute began.
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    Starz & Encore?

    I have not noticed any changes
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    How much more per month is top 200 than 120+?

    Top 200 is 69.99 per month and the Top 120+ is 59.99 per month
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    Problems with Dishnetwork Site?

    The website works fine for me using 2 browsers.....wonder if you have a computer issue?
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    Getting a different market

    Your local stations that you receive are determined by the zip code where your dish service is located. I receive my locals from Youngstown, OH 7 miles south of me in another community receive their locals from Pittsburgh, PA I am not sure if there is another way around but maybe someone...
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    I got 'bundled'. Might go back to DISH

    I had a very good experience with DIRT and I highly recommend you contact them when you are ready to move forward with becoming a Dish customer again.
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    Free ppv movie

    Today 12/7 is the first time I saw this thread. I went to the website the OP mentioned but I did not see anywhere to sign up for this contest. Wonder if the entry period has expired?
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    Upgrading Receivers

    I'm looking for some advice on upgrading my receivers. I have a Dish 500 & my 4000 receiver which has been in use since 1998 no longer functions as something internally let go causing a nasty electrical smell. My other receiver is a model 1000 that still functions but if I am going to replace...
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    Autopay update complaint

    This is one of the main reasons why I refuse to do autopay with Dish. Their sytem IMHO goes back to the dinosoaur age when it comes to issues such as this and they also claim they cannot change your payment due date. For example if your account was set up for Free HD for Life to avoid paying a...