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    VIP622 Timer Problem With The Walking Dead

    I am having a problem setting a timer for TWD. I set a timer for new episodes for the new season starting this Sunday. I save it and it shows up in the scheduled recordings. Later, after turning the receiver on again, I check the scheduled recordings and it is gone. It still is listed in the...
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    LOTR EE Trilogy on Encore 11/25

    The Lord Of The Rings Extended Trilogy is on Encore tonight starting at 8 PM eastern.. Get the DVR's set!!!
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    Signal strength on 129

    I live in Iowa and wonder what signal strength I should be getting for the 129 satellite. Some channels I watch are having a pixellation problem. I have a 1000.2 satellite dish and I am receiving a signal strength in the upper 40's on most transponders. My receiver is a 622. What are most people...
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    Additional Cost for adding a 211

    I currently have a 622 and have paid the fee for the external HDD. If I add a 211 to my account will I have to pay another $40 to hook a drive to the 211? Is it correct that adding the 211 would run an additional $7 per month to my bill? Is that the only charge for an additional receiver...
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    VIP722K tuner question

    Someone told me the OTA tuners are weaker than the tuner in a 622. Is this correct?
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    Charlie Chat Tonight

    I know I can't wait.
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    What happened to RAVE?

    I no longer have Rave channel listed in my program guide. Anybody else?