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  1. Shawn95GT

    FTA interfeers with OTA?

    Let me preface this by saying that all of the cable runs are separate. No diplexed/shared cables. Today I turned on the livingroom TV and the local Digital Fox station was breaking up badly. I checked the other Tivo and it was doing the same thing. The cable is split right behind the...
  2. Shawn95GT

    It's funny...

    I thought I had this stuff down pact. I was eye-ball aiming DBS dishes a few years ago and often getting signal! I put my FTA setup back together after a long break and I had to laugh at myself with all the mistakes I made. #1 - I put the reciever in the entertainment center wired it all...
  3. Shawn95GT

    Simple Question re: Phone line

    A friend of mine has signed up for DirecTV and it'll be installed on Monday. He called me asking if he needs to have a land line. I did a search but I didn't see a clear cut answer on it. As far as I can tell he does not need a land line but he'll be limited on PPV etc. Is this...
  4. Shawn95GT

    FTA DVB with PC DVR

    Has anyone had much luck with this? It looks like most people are having mixed results with MythTV but I'd like to hear what anyone has working. One of my SD Tivos is about to come off of it's pre-paid service and I think I'm going to retire it. When doing so I'd like to setup a HTPC in...
  5. Shawn95GT

    The Caspian Sea Monster on Russia Today

    It's a pretty interesting program. I didn't know they did other than news on RT. In August of 1967 an American spy satellite took sensational photographs. A huge unknown machine of 100 meters long and about 500 tons of weight, which looked like an aircraft, was flying over the Caspian Sea...
  6. Shawn95GT

    Ugh! I think my SG2100 died!

    As of late my motor has been acting up. More than once I went outside and found it pegged on the East limit. To fix this I just run out and push and hold the button until the dish swings west. I get close to TS and from there I can USALS again. Today it just stopped around AMC3. I...
  7. Shawn95GT

    Email notifys link to 1st page of thread

    E-mail notifies are linking to the first page of the thread instead of the last unread post like it used to. It's kind of annoying.
  8. Shawn95GT

    Cox Phoenix now has Natl. Geographic HD

    I noticed that InHD is now MOJO too. Here's hoping for FX in HD some day :cool: .
  9. Shawn95GT

    Fixed skewed dish install

    Wow, there must be some trick to this because I tried for well over an hour and got zip with my dish skewed while hunting for 43.1W. Is there a calculator out there that calculates the dish elevation when the dish is skewed? I had the dish pretty much standing on it's side with a skew...
  10. Shawn95GT

    Satfinder program update to v4.3 (4/3/07)

    I know some of you out there are still using Satfinder. I got a new laptop and had to re-install. I noticed today that he updated the software recently. The change log pretty much just says that it was updated to use the later Java 1.5...
  11. Shawn95GT

    Good deal on Zinwell 6802 6x8 Multiswitch

    I'm not sure how many of you go crazy with the multiswitches but I figured I'd share this for $16.52 to your door: Click this link From there you'll see the multiswitch in the electronics section for $18.99. Click through that link and add it to your cart. You'll get an...
  12. Shawn95GT

    Coolsat Remote interfeers with DVBWorld USB

    Just a heads up in case any of the DVB World USB owners got in on the coolsat deal. I noticed today that the directional pad on the coolsat remote triggers numbers to come up on the DVB world software. Time to tape up the IR eye ;). I don't know if it makes a difference, but I'm using the...
  13. Shawn95GT

    Coolsat 6000 Premium

    Hey all. I decided that I needed to get another blindscan FTA box and I wanted to get into another Coolsat since I liked my 4000 Pro so much. I think it's mostly nastalgia, but for some reason I REALLY liked the look of the 6000 over the 5000. I'd have picked up a used 4000 again, but I...
  14. Shawn95GT

    Anyone have a GEM Car?

    I'm thinking about buying one and wanted to get some re-world owner's feedback if possible. Gem Car website The one I found local looks like the one with a flatbed on the back.
  15. Shawn95GT

    Flash on Windows Mobile 5.0?

    Hey all, I had flash 6 on my phone before I updated the ROM and now I need to look for it again. Which searching I found that Adobe release Flash player 7 for Pocket PC 2003 and Windows Mobile 5: Anyone had any...
  16. Shawn95GT

    Secure dual RG6 to stucco

    I know a lot of installers frequent the forums here so I figured this is as good of place as any to ask. I'm looking for suggestions on how to secure a run of dual RG6 + a single RG6 cable to a stucco wall. The cable is from what was an existing Dish Network install. The cables were re-used...
  17. Shawn95GT

    Tivo / Replay to 4DTV

    With the recent changes that Tivo has made that got rid of the lifetime service option, I picked up a #3 and got a lifetime sub on it while I could. I decided to hook it to the 4DTV since the lack of timeshifting is the only real complaint I had with the 4DTV. The solution isn't perfect...
  18. Shawn95GT

    DVB World USB Box

    For the people who picked up this little gem, I noticed that DVB World released a new version of the software available here: The also have an add-in with very basic instructions to get the box to work with ProgDVB...
  19. Shawn95GT

    Holy pop-over batman!

    Scott, I think one of your banner ads has gone WAY over the line with an immesly annoying pop-over ad. See the attached pic. I was browsing a thread in the c-band forum when it came up.
  20. Shawn95GT

    The Tube

    Can anyone with a DVB receiver verify if the The Tube is still on AMC3 (W3) TP 17? I connected up my new little USB DVB tuner and have managed to get pretty much everything I went looking for tonight aside from The Tube. I got to see ImagineAsian again for the first time since it dissapeared...