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  1. Psikic

    Any chance at all for 58W 4160H on a mini-BUD? Has anyone been successful?

    I have very limited space, and the best I could probably put up right now is a 1.2m fixed dish. Any chance at all I could lock this transponder on a small dish? I know the answer is likely a "probably not" but I was wondering if anyone has tried and been successful.
  2. Psikic

    Edision Video stream of HDMI output on Edision OS Mio 4k (or any Enigma2 box?)

    Hey guys, been awfully quiet lately. We bought a new house in September 2019 and I am just getting my FTA setup back up and operational. I have been trying to figure out a way to see the output of the receiver's HDMI port including UI from another room. I know I can run an HDMI cable to the...
  3. Psikic

    Edision EPG for FTA channels

    Has anyone figured out how to get any kind of EPG off the web automatically imported into the Edision OS Mio receivers? I would love to be able to set timers based on programs listed in the guide for NHK World on 103W Ku FTA Listings - What's On Free Satellite TV or the PBS stations on 125W Ku.
  4. Psikic

    Edision Edision OS Mio 4k - Timeshifting? USB vs HDD

    How do I enable timeshifting? I'm thinking it is not working because it is seeing my 2TB external HDD I plugged in via USB as "USB" instead of as "HDD". I'm not supposed to open up the box and install an internal drive, am I? Is there a way to make the USB drive recognized as a HDD, or can...
  5. Psikic

    Edision OS mio 4k - motor setup for blind scan

    I'm loving this new receiver, thanks Titanium! Here is my question. This is on the Satdreamgr North American image. When I go to the blind scan screen, and then select a satellite -- how do I instruct the receiver to move the rotor to that position before I choose the green button - start...
  6. Psikic

    Got my license!

    Just wanted to share because I am so excited... decided on a whim late last week that I wanted to get an Amateur license. Went through the questions for Technician and General on over the weekend and went in last night to our local club and passed the Technician and General exams...
  7. Psikic

    Would this be a useful purchase? Avcom PSA-39A Portable Microwave Spectrum Analyzer 950 MHz to 2050 MHz I see a Ku/C Band/L band switch on it as well? Could this be used for aligning a dish?
  8. Psikic

    Anyone in the Arkansas area?

    Just curious, is there anyone in my area who works with FTA?
  9. Psikic

    GEOSATpro HDVR3500 - freezes on boot

    I have a new GEOSATPro HDVR3500. I started it up today, set up Wifi, and then loaded the latest firmware. Now after rebooting it shows the startup logo, then goes to a blank screen. The front of the box shows "0310". The remote control does not respond. The box does respond on telnet and on...
  10. Psikic

    New to FTA

    I've decided I want to dive in and buy the equipment for FTA. About 25 years ago when I was a young teenager we had a big c-band dish and I was fascinated by the system. I spent more time scanning for channels on the satellites than watching anything. I don't remember much about it all, other...