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  1. dishdude

    Great deal for 1 year subscriptions on inactive radios - $60 w/free Dot

    I just reactivated one of my car radios that had been inactive for a few months. 1 year of Select for $60 ($72 with tax and royalty fees) includes streaming, Howard and a 3rd Gen Echo Dot. Deal
  2. dishdude

    DISH OTA Signal Meter - Released?

    Dish made the announcement of this OTA signal meter quite a while ago (CES 2019?) so I thought it could be vaporware...but it appears it's out in the wild. Has anyone seen one in person? The only place I can see them for sale is at this wholesale distributor...
  3. dishdude

    Any Channel Master Stream+ CM7600 users?

    After reading up on these little units, it sounds like they are pretty powerful units for the money. I ordered one yesterday morning direct from Channel Master for $129 plus an additional 5% off by signing up for their newsletter. It shipped free later that afternoon via USPS and already was...
  4. dishdude

    LG 86UK7570

    I've had my eye on this set from Costco for a while and the price dropped again so I pulled the trigger. Any thoughts?
  5. dishdude

    Any reason not to Wally?

    This is for my parents, currently they have a 622 feeding 4 TVs. Since there are only two of them this works out well however the picture on three of them is just terrible and it's probably time to upgrade. They're grandfathered with the $7 DVR fee so they're pretty fee free and we're trying to...
  6. dishdude

    Amazon Fire TV Recast

    This looks interesting, a Tablo/HomeRun type device that works with Amazon Fire TV. I bet it's under $100 by the end of the year, way overpriced right now. Amazon Fire TV Recast: The Amazon DVR is real, and starts at $230
  7. dishdude

    Poor OTA reception on ViP receiver

    I have a 612 with a Channel Master Stealthtenna 50 that is mounted on the roof connected to it. No diplexer or splitters and the run is approx 75 feet of RG-6. I'm about 11 miles from the towers and they're all mounted at the same location. I'm getting low 70s and some dropouts in signal, yet...
  8. dishdude

    Mrs. Fields Cookies

    My parents had a disappointing service call experience a month or so ago, DISH sent cookies out to apologize! I have to say, I'm impressed. This never would have done this 15 years ago.
  9. dishdude

    Help me identify this dish

    This is an eastern arc dish, I believe a 1000.2. Can anyone confirm? Also, can I replace the LNB and convert it to a western arc?
  10. dishdude

    Dish service call experience

    Background - I installed a 1000+ on my parent's chimney 10+ years ago with a DPP44 in the attic connected to a 622. I'm out to visit them last week and everything works great (they're 2,200 miles away) the day after I leave the system goes down. I play tech support and know things are bad when...
  11. dishdude

    Are there any locals left on a Conus beam?

    Just curious. I can only find NYC SD channels, no HD or any other markets.
  12. dishdude

    When did MTV Live move to top 200?

    Channel 369...they actually have some really good concerts. I DVR'd Twenty One Pilots, Fall Out Boy and Muse.
  13. dishdude

    Enjoy your premium channels for 3 days?

    I turned the 612 on this morning and a pop up told me to enjoy premium channels for 3 days. Any idea what channels it is talking about?
  14. dishdude

    Preamp for attic antenna?

    I have a Channel Master Stealthtenna 50 in my attic connected to a Dish 612. I am receiving all channels with signal strength in the 70s, but on occasion one channel will pixelate and break up. I also lose signal during inclement weather. I was thinking of adding a preamp - something like the...
  15. dishdude

    Chromecast Ultra 4K - $69 Coming Nov 2016

    I can't wait for this to be released, I've been wanting a 4K Chromecast since buying a 4K TV earlier this year. At $69 this looks like a great deal! Handles HDR and supports all the major apps that offer 4K. Does anyone else plan to pick one up?
  16. dishdude

    Lost 129

    Did anyone else lose 129?
  17. dishdude

    Would this make a decent 2 channel audio system

    I'm looking to build a 2 channel audio system, I mainly listen to YouTube videos so the source sucks. I am thinking of these Polk speakers with this Yamaha receiver. Thoughts? My current sound system is a Bose Waveradio which sounds like...a clock radio...
  18. dishdude

    Do the ViP receivers pass DD through HDMI?

    I have an old 612 and just bought a new soundbar. The 612 is connected to the TV with HDMI, and the soundbar is connected to the TV with an optical cable. If I use the TV's internal tuner, the Dolby Digital light on the soundbar comes on. If I am using the 612, I can't get the DD light to come...
  19. dishdude

    Vizio D58u-D3

    This TV is amazing! Picked it up tonight at Costco for $679 and I am blown away. Now I admit this is my first experience with 4k so I don't have anything to compare it to but I can't get over the performance. I am streaming a Muse concert through Amazon currently and I can't get over the picture...
  20. dishdude

    New Sony LCD with red vertical line

    I have a 5 month old Sony LCD KDL-60W630B that all of a sudden has a red vertical line running the entire length of the screen. It happens on all sources and even with the internal smart features. Any suggestions?