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    Where can you find the RID# for directv clients not activated yet

    Need the Rid # for the unactivated clients & it is not on the label or packing info, on the genie you can pull the card
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    Master reset code of HR54 Genie

    Any know the code to do the master reset?
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    Does the the Local Channel (LCC) connector work on HR24 receivers?

    Hoping to connect HR 24 receiver with off air channels
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    Outdoor UHF antenna issues

    Have outdoor antenna connected to one TV directly & another through OTA module on Hopper DUO. Signal strength shows 85-100. Mostly in afternoon channels cut in & out. on the TV connected directly on antenna input & through hopper duos off air tuner. Its in residential neighborhood. Any ideas...
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    Timer fails for recording New Day on CNN

    My timer has been failing for CNN, Hoppers skips it because it says its not a new event, however it is. Maybe someone @ Dirt Team can alert the proper dept to fix this issue.
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    Need Dish 122676, DBS Stacked LNB

    Need Dish 122676, DBS Stacked LNBs Have a project I need a couple of these for. Anyone have some?
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    Combine Hopper 3,Hopper w sling, Hoppper Duo & Wally’s with stacked splitters

    Can you combine above hoppers with 42 switch off Single antenna with Wally’s? With stacked splitters? If so how many max?
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    Dish, Sat Chart Showing Local Channels locations

    Where can I get chart showing Local channel satellite locations?
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    Hopper 3 with no option to program remote for TV

    Have new hopper 3 that when you go to icon to program remote it just comes up with a blank screen. Can't program it to anything. Receiver has new 54 remote however if there is no programming screen how could you program any remote?
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    311 receiver says it's password protected

    Anyone know how to resolve that?
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    Hopper 3 not recording Prime Time

    Have Hopper 3 that is not recording prime time shows. Did a manual recording a couple of days ago it did not record either however it did yesterday. Have rebooted box but if did not record prime time last night.
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    What happened to the prepair for mobile option?

    I cannot seem to find the option to speed up transfers, has it moved or is it gone?
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    Can the Joey2 or 4K joey do PIP?

    Just wondering if either of the joeys can do picture in picture?
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    Resolution on Netflix & On Demand

    Noticed the resolution to be lower on both Netflix & USA apps through the Hopper compared to the same apps on Apple TV. Anyone else notice this?
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    Eastern Arc Outage/Columbia MO

    Anyone been having signal loss when weather is not bad on Eastern Arc / Columbia Mo the last few days?
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    Can you have more than one hopper with sling on account?

    Have a system with 3 hoppers one with sling. Can I put a sling adapter on one of the other hoppers that does not have sling on same account?
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    Need Help from Dirt Team Member for Hopper/Joey Issue

    Have a customer that I installed about a month ago with I Hopper/sling & 3 Joeys. Customer has been complaining that the Joeys would loose connection. They were getting error message 1303. I replaced the node & Tap & have not gotten that error message any more however there are still...
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    Question for Dirt team Transfer of Showroom receiver EHD Recording

    Have an EHD that we have used on our showroom account that we have successfully transfered recording from a 722 to 922. The 922 has been replaced with a 722. Have not been able to get the recordings to transfer to the 722 we get the message drive is formatted for another receiver. Is there...
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    Trouble logging in to Dish Retailer site

    Scott the last couple of days have not been able to log on to Dish Retailer site. my link DishRetailer Discussion Boards no longer works. What do I need? Thanks Chuck
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    Public interest channels with Dish America?

    Do you get the public interest channels with Dish Americas pkgs? CSpan, Free Speech, Nasa etc