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    OTA networks that stream

    One of the local TV station carries Heroes & Icons on a sub channel. I've kind of gotten into the All Star Trek they show in the evenings (when there's nothing else on - this can certainly fill the void). But often times I lose my signal to that station. Wondering if H&I is streaming anywhere...
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    Antenna Repair

    I've got an antenna mounted on a tower outside, it's about 35 to 40 foot up. It doesn't get very good reception. It's using the old flat (300 ohm?) cable, which I think the wind has tore up pretty good over the years. I also suspect that the amplifier up on the antenna is pretty much shot...
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    New install mounting

    On a new install, are there any restrictions as to where DirecTV can mount the dish? I have an old post where an old C-Band (big dish) satellite was at. That dish isn't there, but the post still is. I'm not sure how much concrete it was set in, but it had to hold up one of those big dishes...