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    Sports Programming Costs?

    I am being billed for a Sports Package($13.99) and Regional Sports($8.49). This seems high. I only watch CSN Bay Area and CSN California on the regional. Isn't that included in the Sports Package?
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    Folders in Recordings List?

    I have a fair number of concerts in my recording list. Is there a way to create a concert folder and move my recordings into it? If not, is there a way to sequence my recordings by moving them up or down in the list?
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    61K Locked at 480P Output. Any Ideas?

    My C61K seems to be locked on 480P output even though under resolutions it says that my TV supports 720P, 1080i, and 1080P. I know this because my TV tells me the input resolution. I've unplugged it and rebooted, to no avail. Any suggestions?
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    C61K Cutouts. Any cure?

    Both of my C61's that are connected to a NR17 server cut out on recordings constantly. Is this a common known problem. Any fix? I don't want to replace the server because I have about a dozen valuable recordings that I don't want to lose.
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    Once again, My Teams not right. Any Work-arounds?

    My Teams is a really neat feature that Directv has offered for at least 5 or 6 years. However, it has a major flaw that has not been fixed even though I have been complaining to them forever. Basically the problem is that it will record your team's game on the first channel that it comes to in...
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    HLG(Hybrid Log Gamma) on Genie?

    Can anyone tell me the what is known about Directv's implementation of HLG? HLG is similar to HDR but for cable and satellite transmissions. I know that it shows up on my LG OLED in the upper right corner when I tune to 104 after I received an HLG firmware update to my Denon receiver. But it...
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    C61-700 Locked on 720P. Any Solutions?

    For some reason it's locked on 720P for my 1080P projector. I have Native "On" which I think is supposed to pass 1080i, 720P, and 1080P on to the projector. The c61 will not allow me to choose the other resolutions, only 720P. I have a Denon Video Processor after the AVR that is connected to the...
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    Are 104 - 106 UHD channels 30 Hz or 60 Hz?

    I'm having trouble with my 4K splitter passing these channels through to my two UHD panels. One is a Vizio P70(2014) without HDR and the other is an LG B7A OLED that supports HDR and DolbyVision. In both cases the splitter will not pass the UHD signal through unless I pull the power plug and...
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    Directv RGB or Ybcr?

    I've been having trouble matching my C61 to a DVDO iScan Mini or their Air3c wireless hdmi system. When I run it to either DVDO device and then to my TV, a Vizio or an LG OLED, the picture turns pink. DVDO's rech says it is because the Directv receiver is putting out RGB and the TV expects Ybcr...
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    C61 Signal Strength for Splitter Weak?

    I have a 4K HDMI 1x2 splitter that depends on the HDMI connection for power. I have the two outputs connected to two HDMI inputs on my Vizio TV. The input on the splitter is connected to my C61-700 4K receiver. Before I connect to the C61 the two monitoring lights for output are brightly lit...
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    Directv HR44 vs Mediacom Tivo

    Anyone here have experience with both of these? I'm considering switching from DTV with my Genie HR44 to the Mediacom Tivo. Not sure which Tivo it is but just like the Genie it is a DVR + client concept. I'm interested mostly in video quality comparison and functional capabilities. Hopefully...
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    Remote for Directv & TV & Soundbar

    I have a Genie HR44 connected to Vizio TV and Sharp Soundbar. However, the Directv remote, both the new small one or the old larger one cannot control all three. Al I need is the on/off of all three, volume for the soundbar, and normal DTV keys. Has anyone here found a reasonably priced remote...
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    Center Ice Summary Page?

    The MLB pakage has a summary of all the games available each day on Channel 720. I could not find a channel for Center Ice that does that. Is there one?
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    Coax configuration help needed.

    I recently moved and left my antenna setup for a Genie for the next user. Unfortunately he decided to hook everything up and when it didn't work he started unhooking coax connections in the antenna area. I don't know the correct sequence of things so I was hoping someone here could help. Here is...
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    Remote Control for my client C41-700

    I don't like the new remote that came with my client. D* specialist says the old remote won't work with it. I have found that it does work if I use it in close-in IR mode. However, because my setup has the client behind me I wanted to use RF. When I went to the Remote Control setup I didn't see...
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    "My Team" Feature Needs Fixin

    "MY Team" is a great feature that was added to the Genie last year. However, it has a major flaw in its logic. Many, if not all, teams that are subject to this feature are located on the sports channels between 600 and 700. Currently, after you have selected a Season Record of the team you have...
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    New Receiver "Knows" My Team. How is that possible?

    I just replaced an HR34 Genie with an HR44. When I chose the option "Add to My Team" on a planned recording of a SF Giant game it indicated that the Giants were already one of my teams. How did the HR44 know this? Is D* using a "Cloud" approach to special programming features on the Genie's?
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    Anaheim-Detroit Hockey Game Blackout - What's going on?

    Game is blacked out for me. Called DTV and agent told me game rights were bought by Comcast so anyone not on Comcast Cable nationwide was blacked out. This can't be true can it?
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    MRV - Scheduling Recordings across DVR's?

    I have two DVR's hooked up with the whole home package. It works great except that I haven't figured out how to record a program on DVR1 from DVR2. Is there a setting that I have mis-configured? I can't find any. This is a key feature as I often have two recordings scheduled on the DVR I'm using...
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    Record capacity of HR21/100?

    The D* guy just left after replacing my HR20/100 with an HR21/100. What is the storage capacity of this recorder? I had made a deal with the D* voice to replace with at least 500GB of storage on the new(old) receiver. My other receiver is a HR22/100 and he had told me that was 500GB. Somehow I...