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    HS 17

    I have the original genie. Is there anyone on the directv side to help with upgrades like on the dish network side.
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    Can I use my vip 211 with the hopper 3 system?
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    Tailgater dirt I need help

    I have had my tailgater for about 3 three year and it has stopped working. I have been on the phone with dish and after doing everything they told me they referred me to king controls after doing everything they told me to do they said the motor had gone out and it would cost about 200 dollars...
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    Watch ESPN app

    Will Dish every be add to the list of providers so we can use this app?
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    Can I set the clock on my hopper it is off about 2 minutes. If so how do I do it?
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    Setting shows for mobile

    Have some show in primetime that the timers r set for mobile and HWS is not doing it when they are recorded still having to go back and do it manual anyone else having this happen to them.
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    If I upgrade from and old hopper to the new hopper with sling can I transfer my timers or do I have to set them again. If I can transfer them how do I do it.
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    Hopper with sling adapter

    Make the new hopper app work with with the old hopper. One would like this happen.
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    Swaping hooper location with joey

    I want to put my hopper where my Joey is and I want to put the Joey where the hopper was do I need to do anything other than swap them out or is there any wiring that needs to be redone
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    Error 890

    How can I fix this tried new hdmi cable reset joyie only having the problem on one tv
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    I have two hoppers and 3 joeys. What will happen if I don't connect my system to the Internet or my home network.
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    Swaping joey from between my 2 hopper

    How hard is this to do? And how do I do it?
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    Just had hopper installed today how long does this thing take to download all the sats I have some chanels and some say search for sat.
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    Matt on dirt team

    Just want to brag on Matt from the dirt team. What a great help he was in upgrading me. Thanks again Matt
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    Dirt team

    Can a dirt member pm out upgrading on my iPad and can't see who is online
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    Hopper with tailgater

    Is dish still not letting this happen would love to upgrade.
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    Vip and hopper

    How long will it be before dish will let work with us that have a tailgater. I would love to upgrade but not until I can put my 211 on the same account has my hopper.
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    Is the 211 remote only ir or can it be rf
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    What satellites do i need to look for? I no 110 what r the other ones I have he'd services and top 250.
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    Will the 722k work with Winegard Carryout GM-1518 Automatic Portable Satellite. TYA