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    New antenna and loving it!

    Just replaced a massive ( at least 6 feet long) stacked 2 tier channelmaster UHF antenna with a little Televes Dinova Bos Mix UHF.VHF amplified antenna. I am about 40 miles from the towers in Kansas City, but the new antenna picked up more than 20 additional channels. With my old channel...
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    KCDN adding new channels?

    I just did a rescan of Kansas City area stations and KCDN channel 35.1 is now showing 35.2, 35.3, 35.4 as color test patterns. 35.1 is Daystar, I was wondering if anyone in the KC area is seeing the same thing? And if anyone else that has a Daystar TV channels that shows any other channels I...
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    What's up with Stirr TV?

    I have to say when it first started I though Stirr TV was going to be great. They now advertize 100 channels, but more often than not when I log onto their Roku Channel, and hit channel list for the program guide I get maybe 5. The channel list shows what's on 2 or 3 channels then blanks out...
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    Channel Master DVR + changes

    I guess it had to happen, with the new Channel Master streaming device, those of us with the old Channel Master DVR + are now left out in the cold. I did a channel rescan only to discover all my internet channels just disappeared. Any one else feel like this is just a way Channel Master has...
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    The Repackage

    I just looked at the latest Rabbit Ears for Kansas City and was shocked at the number of channels that will be effected by the repackaging. Is there a sight that gives the dates for the repackage to take place? It is up to the station to determine when the go to the new signals? Just fishing...
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    Any ideas?

    Hi guys, Sunday afternoon I was watching the Chiefs and Broncos game, about half time my signal completely dropped out. None of my channels were working. I have an outdoor long range UHF antenna, a channel master signal amp, and a filter for blocking cellular interference. My set usually...
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    New Channel In KC?

    Hi guys, I went home for lunch today and one of my TV'S automatically loads new digital channels and today it had WDAF 4.4 as a live signal. I scanned it in all 3 of my TV's, it is there, but says no audio of video. Anyone else in the Kansas City area getting anything? Does anyone know if...
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    coming changes in kansas city because of the sell off

    Rabbit Ears is showing the following changes are coming to Kansas City Stations. KMCI will move from broadcasting on channel 41 to 25 KSHB from 42 to 36 KSMO from 47-32 That is all the changes I could see. I don't know when that will go into effect.
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    It seems to be official, just did a scan of KCTV 5 and found 5.2 with a big COMET tv logo on it, and it was broadcasting infomercials at the time. Anyone else getting it.
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    Can I expect better reception by raising my antenna by 1 foot?

    Ok guys, I am located on the easten edge of Kansas City. I am using long distance UHF ANTENNA, eve mounted. Right now it extends about 2 feet above my roof line. The antenna is on a rotor and is ampflied. Right now I receive about 42 channels OTA and am seeking more. Here's my question I am...
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    Antenna TV coming to Kansas City

    Information for any Kansas City Metro Area people. I just today received an e-mail from WDAF Fox 4 in Kansas City stating that they will be adding Antenna TV. It will be on channel 4.2. The e-mail stated that they were installing the equipment now and hope to be on the air for the national...
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    Help with a DSR 905 set up.

    Ok I just got a brand new DSR 905 receiver. Hooked it up to my dish, and moved it over to G1-3. I switched to analogue and bang, the green light popped on. after about 30 minutes I checked back it had loaded al the additional satellites. When I looked at the channels on G1 several...
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    905 as a stand alone unit?

    Now that everything has gone digital, is it possible to use a dsr 905 as a stand alone unit to subscribe to programing? I have an old receiver that i use to move my dish. Do i have to have a VCII to subscribe?
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    A question about valid ids on dsr 905s?

    Does anyone know what valid id numbers are for programable dsr 905 receivers are? The last thing i want to do is buy a boat anchor. I read that for dsr 922 and 920 an id running from 00-12F2-0012F5 or beginning with 001463 are needed. Does the same hold true for the 905?
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    March 3rd Kansas City got it's first real multicast channelover the air channel. Channel 29-2 is now THIS TV KANSAS CITY.
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    .2network (pronounced dot 2)

    Is anyone receiving the .2 network yet? I just got confirmation from the director of Engineering at KCTV in Kansas City that they are one of the preliminary list of stations to carry it as a multicasting chanel. Meridith is the parent company and they have a short list of some stations slated...
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    Polarity is backward

    Hi guys, Just put a geo sat pro c/ku lnbf on my 7 1/2 foot dish and using my pansat 3500 and have 2 questions. 1. channels are coming in great, BUT, all polarities are opposites. H channels are only coming in V ect. Do i just need to flip my lnbf over? Will that solve the problem. It...
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    servo motor repairs?

    I got started on my big dish and have had good success so far. I think i have a servo problem. I can hear it clicking as if it is turning the rotor but it only lets me get either vertical or horozontal channels. like on G-3 I can get Faith TV but none of the RTN's. Is it possible that...
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    Ok guys here's the question. What has been the most helpful trick, advice, or shortcut you learned about setting up a Big Dish for c-band and ku band? Here's the backstory some one has given me an 8 foot solid (pictures are coming) and I just purchased a cal-amp c/ku feedhorn from e-bay...
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    w5 & dsr 410

    Can I run a quick survey? For you guys using DSR 410 on W5 and what is your feeling about the service? I was give an 8 foot solid dish and am thinking about using it as a stationary dish up and going for it. Are you guys pleased? Is it worth it? What do you think? thanks.