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    SatelliteGuys Farewell Schedule for 4/1/15 I have never used drop box before, but I think this should be available. This is the raw stream. I set a computer to just record from 5pm to midnight. Remember, this is raw. No editing.
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    SatelliteGuys Farewell Schedule for 4/1/15

    Great songs, as always. So sorry to see it go. :( Got room for "Terry Jacks - Seasons In The Sun"? Even though that might make everyone cry. Even AMC21 (125West) gave you a moment of silence. Create TV, OETA's all went silent for 10 minutes right at 11pm. They claimed technical difficulties...
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    I Love It!

    I absolutely LOVE the new look! The colors, the font, the spacing, the sizes, EVERYTHING is PERFECT! Thank you Scott for all the work you obviously put into the new site. I just have to say this one more time... I LOVE IT!!! Scott
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    SatelliteGuys Get Together in Ionia, MI - July 11 - 13!

    Wow! I am thankful you didn't lose the engine 2 minutes later during takeoff! The world needs you two!
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    Wednesday Wake Up Call Questions...

    I was worried that this question had too much very specific information and was going to be googled in the first few minutes. What I did NOT expect, was for google to have THIS question from THIS website be in the search results in the first few minutes! All these years later and Google is still...
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    The CoffeeCrew Morning Show Thread...

    The question is "Only two states in the U.S. make this product. What is it?" Early on, Jim said something about eating the answer to the wake up call would be a LOT of fiber. Ever since then, every answer called in gets turned into a commercial for "Total" in my head. "You would have to eat...
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    New to WION Radio? Check in HERE!

    Hey John, great question! I prefer to do that also. I keep my shortcut right on my desktop. You can grab a shortcut from the WION Listen page. We have 5 different formats there for the 2 streams. 128k and 48k. I think you will find one of them works for you. Windows Media Player is not as...
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    Disappointed in Roku 'net radio apps....

    We did consider keeping one of the streams MP3. In fact, it was very late in the process when we decided to drop MP3 completely! We listened to every flavor of mp3 codec. The only ones that were even tolerable had to be streamed at 196k or more! MP3 just sounds horrible! We have invested so much...
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    Favorite Weekend Feature on WION?

    Edwards Archives! Hands down currently the best weekend feature! The 80's show is a distant second... Oh wait, Jim doesn't carry the 80's show yet! Maybe if there are enough complaints? :p
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    Rotation Resolution?

    Perfect! Thank you for the reply! 73
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    Something terriably wrong with one or more ad's

    Woohoo! Thank you for all you do!
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    Rotation Resolution?

    This is a tricky question to ask. I'm looking for technical info, but I lack the technical satellite language to ask it. As a dish is told to move, it sends back closures to let the box know how far it has moved. Some dishes may have 8 per rotation, or maybe 30. What is the term for this? I...
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    Something terriably wrong with one or more ad's

    First I must apologize, I love ad based free websites, but I was forced to install Firefox and the AD Blocker add on. I was not able to navigate, or even type on this website. I am posting here first, I hate to see everyone use ad blocker, or worse yet, leave the website! Before installing ad...
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    Since "Say it then play it" is popular, and since we Webcast video on Fridays...

    How about "David Bowie - Space Oddity", to tie into the news headlines about poor Russia's botched Mars Mission. If that's too long for the morning show, how about "Peter Shilling - "Major Tom (I'm Coming Home)". This may be more apt, as it appears that Russian Probe is indeed "Coming Home"...
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    Another Bird View Comes Back To Life!!!

    Actually, I made the measurements from inside a faraday cage. So that wasn't an issue. Obviously there were several other factors here. Like I said, shielding the entire length of control wires, which were the antennas in this case, was cost prohibitive. Not to mention time was an issue. We had...
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    Another Bird View Comes Back To Life!!!

    Hah! Yes, that was a whole other nightmare. His dish is literally 50 feet from a 5000 Watt AM Broadcast tower. My circuit runs on TTL (5 volts). When it failed at this location, I put the meter on, and there was 4.8 volts (Not millivolts here, 4.8 VOLTS!) across every component on the board! My...
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    Another Bird View Comes Back To Life!!!

    I was told there were some questions here. I'll do what I can. :) I'm not sure which questions are for me. ;) #1 A Pot (Potentiometer) is often used in place of a Rheostat. They are both variable resistors, but the rheostat has only 2 contacts, the potentiometer has 3. #2 As far as your box...
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    CAPTCHA and other bot eliminators...

    Check this one out... I just got this one. I typed ABCDE as the second word and it WORKED!
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    Another Bird View Comes Back To Life!!!

    Thank you for the kind words. :) Nick was really the one who started me on it. He knew the rotary encoder was the way to go, he was just not sure how to do a solid state circuit to tie it all togeather. I had a lot of fun on the project. I built a third one for another friend of a friend. He...
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    Another Bird View Comes Back To Life!!!

    I came up with a simple circuit for running a rotary encoder for higher resolution. I went with a Motorola 8103 Isocoupler because I had several that came out of old IBM Servers. I used 4 1N4001's to make a bridge and a 5 volt regulator so I could tap into any power I found onboard. The large...