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  1. Amiga

    2020: Finding local satellite installers to do side hustle / sidework?

    I'm curious how one would find a local installer (who may work for Dish or DirecTV) in 2020 to do sidework / side hustle? I need to do a pole mount install, because of line of sight, for a new Bell ExpressVu system.
  2. Amiga

    40% off Orby TV receivers and DVRs at Best Buy - 11/21 - 11/23

    40% off Orby TV receivers and DVRs at Best Buy from 11/21 through 11/23. At this point, why would anyone not buy their hardware on sale.
  3. Amiga

    Half off Orby TV receivers and DVRs at Best Buy - 11/15/19

    Orby TV receivers and DVRs are 50% off at Best Buy only on Friday, November 15th, 2019.
  4. Amiga

    Half off Orby TV receivers and DVRs at Best Buy - 10/17/19

    Orby TV receivers and DVRs are 50% off at Best Buy on Thursday, October 17th, 2019. From Orby: Check your email tomorrow morning for more details….
  5. Amiga

    @Orby corp: Cheap channels like Buzzr, France 24, & NHK World

    @Orby Corporate Please consider adding the cheap seat channels like Buzzr (need my Match Game fix) and international news channels like France 24 and NHK World. I'm under the assumption carrying these international news channels wouldn't put a dent in your programming budget.
  6. Amiga

    Orby TV created to help Dish Network and DirecTV merger?

    The paranoid side of me wonders if Orby TV was created to show regulators that a merger between Dish Network and DirecTV wouldn't hurt consumers, since another satellite television provider now exists. Orby Tv, LLC in Dover, DE | Company Information & Reviews
  7. Amiga

    Orby TV OTA EPG data through satellite or local signal?

    Anyone know how the Orby boxes receive their over-the-air (local channels through antenna) EPG (electronic program guide) data. Is it through the OTA signal or via the satellite and provided by Gracenote or TiVo/Rovi? Are local logos part of Orby's EPG?
  8. Amiga

    AirTV briefly showed up on B&H Photo Video site for $150

    The AirTV briefly showed up on the B&H Photo Video site for $150 with a September availability. I didn't get a chance to see it before it was pulled, but read about it on Reddit. I can't wait for an integrated OTA and streaming experience. Link, but no longer works...
  9. Amiga

    Retentions: Can you trust their promises while on pause in 2016?

    So I called to cancel my meager Welcome Pack that wasn't used for years at a secondary residence. Retentions begged me to stay, promised me the world, and paused my service for nine months. I expressed concern that the pause costs me money ($5) and I didn't plan on paying this to 'stay'...
  10. Amiga

    Sling TV AirTV | When is DISH Network / EchoStar releasing this puppy?

    When is DISH Network / EchoStar releasing the Sling TV AirTV?
  11. Amiga

    No street address: How do you give Dish service / physical address?

    I want to move my expensive Welcome Pack to a fixed location (not traveling RV) that doesn't have a street / numbered address. I already have the dish up and running, just being anal for Dish's billing system. I can provide the street name, city, and zip code, but not a number since postal...
  12. Amiga

    Welcome Pack without locals available through DIRT?

    I've got the Welcome Pack right now with locals. I don't use the account at all, it's a backup source for television. It looks like the loyalty folks can offer the Welcome Pack again without locals,
  13. Amiga

    Complete new roof w/ CommDecks, DISH, FTA, & OTA

    Okay, I have a new roof going up. I mean everything will be brand new, like plywood and insulation. I'm being proactive and having an electrician bring coax and grounding to the CommDecks with all the runs going to a closet for the time being. I need some advice with how many cables should go to...
  14. Amiga

    Request for Current TV a la carte

    Maybe Dish could provide Current TV a la carte since it's not part of a multinational media empire (which require multiple channel bundling)? I know a lot of folks that lean towards the left are eager for Countdown with Keith Olbermann, but don't have or want America's Top 200 to get it.
  15. Amiga

    Downgrade Welcome Pack, Locals, & ala carte EuroNews to Welcome Pack & EuroNews possible?

    Okay I have the Welcome Pack with locals and I'm grandfathered into ala carte EuroNews on 118.7° I'd like to drop the locals, but keep my ala carte EuroNews, to save $5. Any advice so that my account doesn't get screwed up? Wow, did Dish increase EuroNews by a buck, wasn't it $1.99 before...
  16. Amiga

    eBay 501, DISH sent N3 card, but no boot

    I bought a 501 receiver with a yellow card off of eBay. The puppy booted, but of course it couldn't be activated without a new N3 purple card. After receiving a new card from DISH, I placed it in the receiver, but all I got was a blank / black screen. Turning the box on without the card...
  17. Amiga

    DISH $200 deposit, refundable or not?

    Thinking about taking the $9.99 Welcome Package plunge before it expires on 1/31/09. Can't get a straight answer with activations about whether their $200 deposit is refundable or not. Mind you, I would be bringing all purchased equipment to the table. In addition, I don't want to have to...
  18. Amiga

    Used 811 + $9.99 Welcome Pack = Possible?

    I'm reading in other posts that DISH is dumping the $9.99 Welcome Package programming on 1/31/09, so I want to jump on it. I thought about buying a used 811 receiver (making sure it is free and clear) and activating it with the $9.99 Welcome Package. I could care less about future satellite HD...
  19. Amiga

    $10 Welcome Pack Programming FAQ

    Anyone have detailed information on the $10 DISH Network Welcome Pack programming? Welcome Pack Channels DISH Network Satellite Channel Chart If you purchase and install your own equipment is there any commitment? Can any DISH Network receiver, including dual tuner models, be used with this...
  20. Amiga

    CubSat (hidden dish) dealer / reseller in North America?

    I've been trying to get in contact with International Trade Business out of Miami to find / purchase one of their hidden satellite dish units, a CubSat 50 or 70. Unfortunately, they haven't responded to messages. Anyone know of a dealer / reseller who may have these in stock in North America...