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    Anyone have a picture like this?

    I just had my regular receiver do that, and I unplugged the HDMI cable from the receiver and plugged back in ,and all was good, I guess I'll see if it happens again. It doesn't affect component cable output, only the HDMI output.
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    Anyone have a picture like this?

    I haven't seen anything like that, I'm thinking maybe HDMI cable, have you tried a different one? Maybe it's not plugged in all the way. Just a thought.
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    Channel scan not adding new locals

    I haven't had to do a reset on mine, I just did the normal channel scan and it picked them up.
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    Rarely any new discussions here

    Thank you all, I was looking to find info on a universal remote that would control more devices. And another issue is, I have the Dvr and a regular receiver, and the regular receiver will pull in more OTA channels same antenna. And how would you keep the guide locked on favorite channels instead...
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    Rarely any new discussions here

    Thank you both. I installed it about a week ago, and so far I like it pretty well. I have questions, and there doesn't seem to be all much info about it, being new I thought there would be more .
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    Rarely any new discussions here

    How come there isn't many new discussions of this service. Is it because they don't have any sports channels, or people don't like the pay as you go thing?
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    Another Program Guide Question

    Does anyone know how to keep the guide locked on the favorite list, it always goes back to all channels the next time you pull up the guide.
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    Orby working but goes out when cloudy

    I got it set up with there dish and I've got a pretty stable 85 signal in moderate rain.