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    GEOSATPro Multi LNBF Mount

    I Bought a GEOSATPro Multi LNBF Mount and i was wondering on how to mount it because the instructions that came with it is very vauge. Do you bend the mount or drill to mount it and i have two of the and want to do a four satellite setup and does any one have pictures with this product mounted...
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    90 CM multi feed setup

    I don't get on here often and was wondering on how may LNB'S can i put on a 90 CM dish any thoughts and pictures.
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    GOD TV Gone

    Does anyone know if GOD TV is gone for good. I did a blind scan and wondering if it is gone for good.
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    Openbox S10 Problem

    I have a Openbox With 10-10-11 Firmware and i am unable to keep signal, but if i put the cable back into my Pansat it is fine. I have noticed that if i move the dish to another satellite and stops it loses signal and i am wondering whathe latest firmware for the S10 is and Where can i get it and...
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    FTA Satellite Book

    Has any of the Satellite Guys seen the new Build Your Own FTA Satellite TV System By Dennis C. Brewer. Got my at a bookstore and it is some good basic points for people starting FTA satelite and it talks about FTA Satellite and OTA Antenna and it talks about satellite launches and and how to do...
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    G19 Transponder

    Does any one know if transponder on G19 12152 H 20000 is out because i can not get it on my dish and i used 12177 V 23000 to lock in for G19.:rolleyes:
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    FTA Station List... Besides Lyngsat

    What are other good webesite you can find station list besides lyngsat. Does anybody have any good recomendations.:rolleyes:
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    azure shine parts

    Where can i get parts for my azure shine satellite dish. Need the center bolt that goes into the motor. Starting to strip.
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    Pansat PM900 and Digipower SG2100

    I have a Pansat PM900 and a Digipower SG2100 and i am able with the pansat PM900 to get all of the satellites in fine and when i put up the Digipower SG2100 motor with a azure shine dish i can not get it to track the ark in a proper way. when i have the Pansat PM900 motor setup i have 42 for the...
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    pansat PM 900 Motor

    I have a pansat PM900 Motor and it just stop moving and i pulled the board out and i am wondering if i can get another motor contol board for it. I have heard that these motors have had lots of problems with them.:rolleyes:
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    C band Tree Distance

    I have a WSI 6' Special and was wondering if tress in the next store persons house that are 25-50 feet in front of me would cause me not to get any signal to my because i have been try for the last 3 months and can not get a q but some s on my FS1 meter any thoughts.
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    First Strike Meter FS1 with 741 LNB

    I just got my FS1 and i am unable to the the q signal and unable to get a lock but when i move my 6' dish i have S signal no mater where i go. Do i have a bad lnb or bad cable to the meter and i have the 22k option on. Any thoughts since these two are quite new.:confused:
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    c band lnb arms

    i am wondering if the 6' WSI focal arms for the lnb have to be in a pictular place and if so wher do the arms need to be placed. can not get lock on first strike meter.
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    Powermax V Box limit setup

    How do you setup East and West Limits with the Powermax V box with the pansat 4500. I am having problems because when it goes to the end at a 180 angle i get the E2 Error and i am wonder how to setup the east and west limts with the pansat 4500.:confused:
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    741U C band LNBF Bad?

    I just got a 741U c band lnb and when i hook it up to my pansat the screen goes blank and cannot see the menu from the pansat unit. I hooked up a KU band LNB and it is fine. Do i have a bad lnb and how do i tell.
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    HARL Superjack 3624 wiring

    what colors on the superjack 3624 on the reed senors are the ground and the positive and how do i hook them up to a vbox. The reed sensor wires are a green and gray wire. any thoughts.
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    10-12' Solid Bud in Sherman NY

    I am posting this listing for a person who lives next store to me and has no use for it and now has grandchildren and is self employed and has no time for modern 4Dtv. This dish was bought brand new back in 1987 and they are the orginal owners. It has a LNBF on it and it has a 18-24" Saginaw...
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    C band actuator true south position

    My true south is 79 and i want to view the sats fro 4.0W-139W where should i point my dish and position my actuator.
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    90cm mini BUD

    I am more near buffalo ny and i an thing about switching my 90cm dish to c band any thoughts.
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    Openbox S9 S10 HD

    Does the openbox S9 or S10 Hve QPSK and 8PSK and which other ones do besides the Pansat 100HD