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    Mobile DVR

    Did they discontinue the mobile DVR? Just replaced a HR 34 with a HR 44 and I do not see anything for setting it up.
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    NFL Season ticket on a laptop?

    Is it possible to watch the season ticket games on my laptop when I am on the road out of state?
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    What is task 19, 51

    Had several recordings missed today, history shows recording canceled by higher priority task 51 and 19
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    Self install trouble shooting.

    My sisters boyfriend did a self install and is having trouble. He is only getting the even transponders on the 101 sat. Do not believe that it is the receivers, both worked fine before the move and are acting up the same way now . It is a three phase dish two Tivos , multi switch . Ran direct...
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    Network ABC hd on directv?

    I just took a look at my directv account online and saw a new item listed, Network ABC HD. Looks like ABC HD distants may be coming