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    GOD TV gone?

    GOD TV appears to have left the building (or the satellite, at least). LyngSat doesn't have them listed on G19 anymore. Their website still shows them on Galaxy 19, but I don't see them. Also, I didn't see anyone mention that Al Jazeera is now encoded according to LyngSat (not that I ever...
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    DVR1100c loses Vertical signals

    During a recent storm, a nearby lightning strike apparently fried the two LNBFs on my Glorystar system (one of the earlier models, with support for SES1 and Galaxy 19). I had long planned transitioning from the two SL1 LNBF system (with the SES1 LNBF no longer used) to a single dual LNBF dish...
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    Please wait... Saving Data

    Just looked up at the Geosatpro box in my office to see the display reads, "rEC". Turning on the TV, I see the message "Please wait... Saving Data" in the familiar blue box in the middle of the screen. It's been like this for 15 minutes, at least. Strange thing is that there is nothing on the...
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    Time Record function forgets programming

    About 3 weeks ago, I finally bought an 80 GB disk drive to enable the Time Record function on the GEOSATpro DVR1100C. The disk works fine and the record function is terrific... if it only wouldn't forget its programming every week. Each week, during a different day of the week, the recording...
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    Why aren't History and Biography channels on the list?

    Dumb question of the day: why aren't History and Biography channels in the automated channel list? I realize they aren't Christian, but, then again, neither are the 3 news channels guaranteed to cover Armageddon from the wrong side of the battle. RT, in particular, is so filled with hatred for...