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    Good OTA antenna?

    Can anyone make a suggestion for a good outdoor OTA antenna. One I can buy from amazon or walmart or even a vendor here on the forums? I live in a very rural. I already have a pole up that I used to have a yagi antenna up for internet. That antenna is no longer in use. Would prefer something I...
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    Dish customer support trying to switch customer to DirectTV??

    SO I have this friend that said she called Dish to remove one of her Joeys from her account. She says the CSR tried to get her to switch to DirectTV. I asked her if she got the right number and she swears up and down it was Dish she called, they had all of her account info on hand, last PPV...
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    DirectTV Equivalent for Dish VIP722?

    I've been thinking of switching to Direct TV. DO they have a receiver equivalent to a VIP722? Something with 2 tuners I can use to run multiple TVs in my house?