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    Still can't get accuracy Xperia Arc 2.3.4 latest firmware

    Have had the software for about 6 or 8 months and have not used it much as it was really inaccurate. Finally gave it a go again with the latest 2.3.4 on my ARC but still very bad. My good old compass still is the only reliable tool I have in my truck. Can someone help me actually get this...
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    Acer Iconia A500 - Satellite arc is up and down not side to side

    Help, My Acer Iconia pad is showing the sat arc at approx. 90 degrees from where it appears it should be. It runs from the ground straight up and should be an arc from side to side. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong :-) Thanks
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    Best android phone or tablet for use with this app

    I would like to use this app. I need the best option before I purchase a phone or tablet to work with this app. Which android device is the best choice for me for accuracy with this app and android features for the buck? I need a 7 inch or larger preferably so the viewing is easier on the eyes...