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  1. Bobby

    NASA UHD-HDR Available on Roku Ultra

    There is now a NASA UHD-HDR channel available on the Roku Ultra. It looks absolutely spectacular! NASA UHD channel blasts off on Roku | Programming | News | Rapid TV News Roku
  2. Bobby

    Dish RSN HD Now 24 Hours

    There was an uplink this afternoon that appears to have made the RSN channels all HD 24 hours a day. My guide now shows just the HD versions of these channels now (I have HD channels only set.). Finally....
  3. Bobby

    4K Events Discussion Thread

    This thread is a place to discuss the 4K events that appear on channel 540. We are getting, at this point, one college football game a week. Let’s hope there is more coming.
  4. Bobby

    Dish 4K Event Listings (No Discussion)

    This is a thread that will keep you apprised of 4K events that will be showing on Dish channel 540. Keep looking here for information. As of today, 9-27-17, there are no scheduled events posted for the next 2 weeks. That is subject to change on a daily basis.
  5. Bobby

    College Football In 4K

    Northern Illinois at Nebraska at 12 EDT on channel 540! Yes, Dish is showing its first college football game in 4K!!! All you need is a Hopper 3 and a 4K TV
  6. Bobby

    Unable To Access SatGuys Via Comcast

    I have been unable to access SatelliteGuys this morning via my Comcast cable connection. I am able to access via my ATT wireless account.
  7. Bobby

    Reply To Posts Slow

    I've noted in the last 2 days that replies to posts are taking some time to complete. I see in the upper right hand corner a dashed line that fills slowly. This comes from either the software or server.... Using Safari on a Mac...
  8. Bobby

    New Free Listen May 19-Jun 1

    Got a snail mailer today and there is a free listen, 60 channels, May 19 to Jun 1. There is also an offer in it for 5 months for $20....
  9. Bobby


    The last several days, as I come onto this site, I am getting a popup from software******.com. It wants me to download some software updates. I thought it might be a virus of some kind, I am running OS X Yosemite and have Parallels installed. I have now seen that Dodger72 is seeing a similar...
  10. Bobby

    Robin Williams Has Passed Away

    The very talented comedian is gone....
  11. Bobby

    FEARnet on Dish

    Ain't gonna happen! :D
  12. Bobby

    NYC Trashman Loses Job Over $20

    A New York City trashman has lost his $73,000 a year job over a $20 tip... What a dumb ass...
  13. Bobby

    B-24 over Sonoma County

    While I was out on my walk this morning, one of these flew right over me. It's part of an exhibition going on for the last few days. I didn't have my camera with me or I would've taken my own shot. It was really low in the sky and it was huge!
  14. Bobby

    Roger Ebert 1942-2013

    Roger Ebert has moved on to the higher balcony seat that Gene Siskel has been holding for him. A true journalist is gone. RIP
  15. Bobby

    Dish Says It Has Received My 722

    Dear Robert, This confirms that we have received the equipment below. ViP722 R0087573332 If your equipment was returned in multiple boxes, you will receive an additional email when those packages arrive at our facilities. Please note that charges may be applied to your account if any...
  16. Bobby

    Notification Strangeness

    I am showing one Like/Thank notification. When I click on it it goes straight to the SatGuys start screen and wants me to login even though I already am. Is this someone trying to get my login?
  17. Bobby

    View Bill at using Safari

    I noticed a week or two back that, when I go to to look at my billing, the View Bill link is not working. All the rest of the links on that page are working fine. This is on my Mac using the Safari browser. I get the same issue on my iPad. When I load up Firefox, it works just...
  18. Bobby

    Oh My Gosh, Another 14 Year Old is Assaulted...

    Here's another story, and we may have touched on this before. It seems that a female 20 year old babysitter has had some dealings with not one, but two, 14 year old boys. My first thought is that I, myself, was babysitting, for 25 cents an hour, when I was 12 years old in 1956. Why does a 14...
  19. Bobby

    RIP Jerry Lieber

    Jerry Lieber, who along with Mike Stoller wrote countless early rock and roll songs like Hound Dog and Stand By Me has passed on into Rock and Roll Heaven.... Songwriter Jerry Leiber Dies at 78 | Rolling Stone Music
  20. Bobby

    Thumbnails Are Blank Again

    I just noticed that thumbnails are not working again, anywhere on the site.