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    Can Anyone Install or Supply & Install a C-Band Dish In Minneapolis Area ?

    I can confirm that I am in SW Wisconsin, but am about 270 miles from the Twin Cities, and semi-retired. (from satellite installations). Have a fulltime job at the moment outside this industry and my days off are booked for months. Wish I could help, but there are not enough hours in the day...
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    dish alignment

    If you are on daylight time, it's going to be closer to 1pm. Solar noon during standard time is close to 12 noon (give or take a few minutes for seasonal deviations). This is assuming you are close to the beginning of each time zone (90 W for Central, 105 W for Mountain). Then you would factor...
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    Help : Echostar SR8700 power supply

    That is an early subscription receiver strictly for the European market. Note that OP mentioned two decoding systems not native to North America. It's not DISH (American DBS service), but Echostar (a distribution company and hardware manufacturer) that in this case sold equipment for the rest...
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    10 foot Winegard dish in Florida

    Trying to help out an old friend in Florida. Located about 18 miles from Ocala, in community of Ocklawaha, FL. He has the following: Winegard CK-1088 8-section antenna with Stainless steel nuts and bolts, assembly instructions and 75-80 ft satellite ribbon cable. Also a pole mounting assembly...
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    replacing C-band dish panels

    There were at least two 12-foot models made by KTI. Is yours a four panel sectional, or does it have 18 separate ribs? If the latter, you probably also have an inner and an outer mesh panel. For full access and ease of removal and reinstallation of mesh pieces, I would suggest disconnecting...
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    Some TV Channels Come In Better in the Mornings

    An old saying that I heard again and again while living in Alaska--necessity is the mother of invention. When you do not have appropriate hardware and/or other normal solutions, they are created on the spot. I probably would not have designed and built 16 to 20 foot spherical antennas back in...
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    Some TV Channels Come In Better in the Mornings

    Too bad these antennas were all torn down around the state of Alaska during the 1990s. I once read an article by an old time broadcast engineer that reported these antennas were great for AM radio reception. An explanation about connecting a portable battery operated AM radio to a ground...
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    Hadley, PA Antenna Question

    I have two different UHF-VHF models of the Televes antennas. They have an incredible low noise preamp with two separate parallel outputs---which makes them shine on UHF. VHF High Band is a stretch, because you have little more than the equivalent of a dipole and a great preamp for channels...
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    Box full of goodies

    ADL and CalAmp sold the same feedhorns for C and C/Ku band, many years ago, with separate part numbers. The ADL RP1 series had a fixed dual moding feed plate that was far superior to Chaparral and other feeds, and because of its unique design was able to greatly reduce sidelobes. It was...
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    C band LNB

    It probably was-----note the country of Origin: Japan. This was made in the time period before Chinese and South Korean manufacturing threatened our domestic electronics manufacturers. Japan was at the top of quality ratings back in those days (satellite equipment made by Toshiba, Panasonic...
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    C band LNB

    I would suggest replacing with a current state of the art C-band LNBF such as those offered by Brian Gohl at Titanium Satellite. This will ensure the digital stability needed for current MPEG-4 reception with today's Free To Air receivers, and eliminate the need to also replace the feedhorn...
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    11ft Fiberglass Dish - Star View Systems

    That looks like it reads Star View, which was one of the first manufacturers of C-band antennas, going back to at least 1980-81. A dead giveaway is the original LNA, which from a distance appears to be an Avantek. Wholesale on those devices was over $700 in 1982. It is likely that the...
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    Anik F1 Replacement ?

    It will eventually find a home somewhere else---unless converted to IP distribution, and it depends on which company's feeds we are discussing. Anyone's guess at this early date.
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    Anik F1 Replacement ?

    What Ku FTA are you referring to? Shaw Direct is a subscription service, not FTA, and presently uses regular Ku frequencies on Anik F1R (107) and Anik F2 (111 West), as well as the spot beamed unique frequencies on Anik G1 at 107. Anything presently on F1R Ku-band (Shaw Direct) will be...
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    Installing a 10 foot cband dish into side of a building

    If there is a considerable distance between attachment points of the pipe (example: top, middle, bottom), then you need to have a structural engineer look at this carefully. Back in the old days of C-band, it was common (at least where I lived in Alaska, with all look angles less than 20...
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    Shaw direct F1 Satellite

    There is no new F1 satellite. Anik F1R at 107 is being retired later this year and programming will transfer to either Anik F2 or Anik G1, depending upon individual channel. Any HD that is on Anik F2 at 111 can be received in Arizona with a 75E system / XKu LNBF. Anik G1 at 107 has been in...
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    Janeil RP180

    Back in the mid 80s, Costco was selling a 12 foot Janeil mesh antenna from their Anchorage store, and many were fooled by the low price. One of my dealer colleagues in Homer (as far as you can drive directly from the U.S. highway system), reported a problem with a subcontractor's weekend...
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    Any Ideas or Cures

    Could be that your receiver has a corrupted memory that can only be started to be fixed after doing a master reset of everything, which clears the memory. Then load your satellite/TP files. If you are not manually switching to Vertical as you past 49 or 50 percent of the first blind scan, then...
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    Any Ideas or Cures

    When this problem happens, manually delete all transponders that were scanned after reloading memory, to restore memory capacity. Usually all channels associated with those blind scans will also delete when the TP that found it is removed from memory. There is a limit to how much you can scan...
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    24hr English news Channels

    If you have High Speed Internet and a Roku device, there are lots of free as well as subscription news channels, from around the world, which can greatly supplement satellite delivered channels.