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    Channel lineup changes

    Did D* recently change the channels offered in their packages. I have the select and I could’ve sworn it had ESPN and not Disney JR now it has JR but no ESPN? Or am I going crazy? Sent from my iPhone using the SatelliteGuys app!
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    New install HR44

    I just had DTV installed today. Been a longtime DISH customer. The tech installed a HR44 said they didnt have any HR54s. Shoul I have refused the install? Is the HR44 decent?
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    I have been having issues with one of my Joeys losing picture and rebooting 3 times a day. None of the other joeys are doing this so I swapped the one that has been messing up with one from another room and the issue stayed in the room location. The wire to this room is really old and I believe...
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    Where has ______ moved to in Carbon UI

    Here is a list of settings some are having a hard time finding. Feel free to post any that you find and I will update the list as long as I have the option! Caller ID: Home twice > My Account > Called ID CEC: Home twice > settings > remote > CEC
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    Super Joey U353

    The Super Joey finally got an update last night! Those of you that reported your SJ wasn't updating to the new UI should now have it!
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    Techs leaving Hoppers?

    Does anyone know when the techs are going to start leaving the old Hoppers to transfer recordings from? I want to move my install up to tomorrow but won't have an EHD in time to backup the recordings.
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    U202 issues

    So with the new version there have been a few problems seen. Post them here and what you were doing when you found the issue. Maybe then we can try to replicate it and send the feedback to dish.
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    Is the "your system may no longer get updates" an issue with the beta program?
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    WTLH The CW Tallahassee in HD?

    Has anyone heard of Dish carrying WTLH in HD? I know it was in testing at one point but haven't heard or seen anything as of late.
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    New UI and equipment

    Just saw a new dish add that showed the new guide UI being used and the new 4K Joey. It didn't name them just was used in the background! Maybe that means soon!
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    Dish products that missed the mark or never made it to market

    This was discussed in another thread so I figured I'd start it. What are the products that dish released that missed the mark, Or products you were excited about that never made it to market? Posted Via The FREE SatelliteGuys Reader App!
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    Bad wireless Joey install experience

    Had a tech out today to install 2 wireless joeys! I get they call saying he's on his way and I look out in my driveway and see a Toyota Camry, walk out there and it's his boss. She had to drive from their office in Dublin to bring him the joeys. No problem. He gets here introduces himself and...
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    Anyone know where I can pick up an HIC or have one they can send lol Sent from my Nokia Lumia 920
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    Sat 129 signal

    Anyone seeing low signal on 129? Posted Via The SatelliteGuys Reader App!
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    LightSquared sues dish

    LightSquared Sues Ergen, Dish Over Debt Purchases Posted Via The SatelliteGuys Reader App!
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    I just love dish

    So as a lot of you know I work for directv and had dish with 2 hoppers and 2 joeys. Had one of my hoppers replaced with a genie since I got free directv. After 2 months I couldn't stand it anymore. Packed it up put it in the closet and had a another hopper installed. The genie has nothing on the...
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    Genie Question

    I've had my Genie for over a week and it has yet to download the channel logos. I've looked for some info on the system at work but no go. Any ideas?
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    A few things about the genie and hopper

    I've had the Genie a few days and there are a few things that I like better and a few things about the hopper I like better First I'll start with what I like about the hopper. I love the UI of the Genie but I think the guide layout and playlist layout of the hopper is 10 times better. It just...
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    Got my HR44

    Tech is here now installing my HR44. Super excited!
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    Joeys losing connection

    I am having a problem where my joeys will lose connection to the hopper and start searching. If I go in to whole home on the joeys it shows both hoppers but won't connect. No matter what I do. I unplug everything and plug one thing in at a time and it will work for a few minutes and then back to...