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  1. kodaz


    Hi Folks, Frecuencia Latina was located on sat 55. It shows up gone for me. Does anybody know anything about it? Has it move to another bird? I have been out of the state and away from my system for a bit. And while I am at it, has Canal Sur popped up anywhere? heh, and i spelled it wrong ...
  2. kodaz

    97w ku

    Hi folks, I was wondering if anyone else has been experiencing a signal cutting out on tp 11842 ? on 12115 the signal is rock solid as is on all the rest i try. I have no idea what on my equipment could possibly give a 1 tp problem when it is at 75Q as are the rest of them. thanks
  3. kodaz

    OTHER Micro hd music videos

    Hi folks, Is there a way to get the Micro HD to play the music videos i have without having to select and play each one individually? I would like it to automatically go to the next one. thanks.
  4. kodaz

    account transfer to wife denied

    Anybody know why when i attempted to transfer my dish account to the wifes name, dish told me that i would need to begin renting their equipment to do this. I refused. i prefer to own my equipment and not pay rent. I failed to see the logic in their words.
  5. kodaz

    4033 V 8333 bird 121

    Hi all, Before i get too deep in my array, is anybody able to get this tp still? Canal Sur was on there and the tp seems dead now. Thanks!
  6. kodaz

    hdmi to dvbs

    hi folks, i stumbled across this and was wondering if it could be used to go into my birds switches to be used by all the sat receivers in my house at the same time. hdmi source could be something like a firetv.
  7. kodaz

    100 cycles per sec vs 60

    Hi Folks, I recently got my micro hydro plant on line.It didnt cost much as i was able collect parts slowly over a long time. I am unemployed and cash is tight , this is why i do not have a charge controller/inverter setup for now. Output is currently 110v at about 100 cycles per sec instead of...
  8. kodaz

    Direct tv Salary

    Looking at a job posted online for a Direct tv Satellite installer. Salary showed 30-35k year? Isnt that a little low? thanks for replies Kodaz who usually posts in FTA section, :)
  9. kodaz

    121w missing channel

    Hi all, did we lose tp 4033 v 8333 ? i just wanted to check before going out in the freezing cold to argue with my dish. thanks
  10. kodaz

    using your smart phone to align dish

    Mowing my lawn I hit my head on my dish pretty hard and it seemed to make a difference. My pbs channels on 125 were not stable and it gave me an idea. in the picture the Skype camera is pointing at my tv screen ,yellow arrow. The red arrow is pointing at the smart phone which is using google...
  11. kodaz

    toshiba canvio tb

    Just wondering if anybody had a canvio 1tb hard drive to work with the micro hd and if there was something special needed for it. mine just locks things up and is not recognized. hardrive works fine connected to my laptop. i did try searching for that hard drive thread, but i am on break and ran...
  12. kodaz

    down dirty fast CW

    Hi all, i am attempting to find a CW FTA. Is that one on 72 w, or is that an ion in disguise? what other FTA CW is there? PM is ok if it is a hidden find. thanks
  13. kodaz


    This combo begged to be tried because all the parts just fit with minimal work. these are an FSS and a B1sat stacked lnb. The hole in the back of the B1sat (shown is pic B) is the same size as the feedhorn tube on the FSS (pic C). You cut one hole (pic A) in the backplate of the B1sat (also pic...
  14. kodaz

    emp-centauri switch question

    I was actually looking for a 16 LNB powered switch. This was all i could find, but doesnt appear powered. has anyone used it? i use only bandstacked LNBs. I am wondering if i am going the wrong direction on this and if perhaps some sort...
  15. kodaz

    usb Resistive divider

    On my micro hd, i was looking at options for knocking down the voltage to 3 volts to power my transmitter . one of the sugestions was a voltage divider from wiki . it shows that r2 needs to be 2 times r1. so i was wondering what combo would not hurt the micro hd to try? thanks...
  16. kodaz

    97w 11842 h 22000

    Hi folks, before i rip my system apart , i just wanted to check if anyone else is having trouble this morning with this transponder. i am using microhd, fss lnb, 7.5' dish i have 75q on this tp and all other tps on the bird show no pixlating and no issues at less signal/quality. i have watched...
  17. kodaz

    87w 4154 H

    This morning i accidently deleted this tp, i dont have the sr for it and Lyngsat doesn't seem to work. I was watching the channel, so i believe it to still be there as shown on the list and lyngsat.. could i get a hand with the proper SR , the transponder has the Univisions on it. The List SR...
  18. kodaz

    GEOSATpro feature request: longer auto standby timer

    I was wondering if the auto standby timer could have a 5 hour setting. thanks
  19. kodaz

    GEOSATpro FSS and 83w

    coolsat 5k and openbox s9 get rtv in at 12862 h 4440 at 85Q. setup is microhd, 4x1, 8x1 , multi-switch, FSS lnb .3 receivers on setup. I cannot get the micro to snag it no matter what i do.:confused: If u are using this /similiar combo, what tp does it end up at for your microhd? and what...
  20. kodaz

    serial port

    refering to this post; would you consider selling a kit so that the port could be installed by us in the top of the case? thanks