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  1. TRG

    Cousin Brucie

    Cousin Brucie will be leaving SiriusXM after his Saturday evening show. This is bad news for my wife and I. We really like his show and always tuned in Wednesday and Saturday nights to 60's on 6.
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    U2 channel commercial

    Has anyone heard the commercial (promotion) for the U2 channel? The one where Bono tells you that you are listening to the wrong channel. I find his voice to be very creepy for some reason.
  3. TRG

    Protecting satellite communications

    I came across this article and decided to post it here in the FTA section even though its anything but FTA. Good read about secure military communications. Love the portable dishes. Protecting satellite communications - System allows troops at the tactical edge to communicate securely |...
  4. TRG

    Lyngsat down?

    I'm getting a blank page when I go to Lyngsat. Is anyone else having issues?
  5. TRG

    Mesh Net or centrally located Access Point?

    I have a single story house (~2000 sq. ft.) that is rectangular in shape. My modem/router/WiFi is on one end of the house. On the far end of the house my WiFi signal is terrible. Compounding my issue is that the radio in my router combo is only capable of 2.4Ghz. That band is extremely congested...
  6. TRG

    PBS MUX down on 125W?

    No signal on 12180. Montana PBS is working fine. I hope this is temporary.
  7. TRG

    Anik F1R @ 107.3w signal question

    I haven't aimed at this sat since last winter. I'm having trouble locking the CTV TP 4020 V 30000. The signal was much stronger last year. I've squeezed every bit out of the alignment as possible using my Dr.HD 1000S+. Anyone else notice this? BTW I'm using an undersized 6' dish with a titanium...
  8. TRG

    Time to say goodby to Sling

    I really wanted this to work. My main reason for getting Sling was to watch Monday night football on ESPN. But the idea of also having TNT, TBS, Food Network, History, on demand movies etc. sounded great. But sadly it didn't work for me and I just cancelled after giving it a try for 90 days. I...
  9. TRG

    Home Reception via Satellite. Vintage FTA.

    As some of you know I subscribe The Spectrum Monitor. In the latest issue there was a link to some old (1979-1980) issues of Radio Electronics. Of interest to Satellite Guys was a 4 part series called, “Home Reception via Satellite,” by Robert B. Cooper, Jr. Although the information is dated...
  10. TRG

    Abandoned in space in 1967, a US satellite has started transmitting again

    I know this story has been told before but it came up again recently on one of my RSS feeds. Pretty cool! Abandoned in space in 1967, a US satellite has started transmitting again
  11. TRG

    PR Mux on 99W

    Has the PR Mux turned down the power? I haven't been on this bird for a while and it seems much lower from what I remember. All other TP's are fine. Tried tweaking the dish but no dice.
  12. TRG

    Monday night football outage

    I got Sling mainly for ESPN so I could watch Monday night football. Tonight it's not working very well. Lots of buffering and long outages. It's not my Roku or internet connection since Netflix and Prime Video are working flawlessly. :(
  13. TRG

    Old Time Radio on FTA Satellite

    Yesterday USA used to have an audio channel on 101W ku many moons ago. Before that I believe they were on C-Band. In order to cut costs they dropped the satellite feed and went internet only several years ago. Does anyone know if there is another OTR radio station on FTA?
  14. TRG

    Software tools for dish tuning

    Hi guys, A while back I got a real good deal on a TBS5980 USB tuner. For numerous reasons I haven't gotten around to playing around with it all that much. Its time to give a couple of my fixed dishes a tune-up before the cold weather sets in. I was wondering if there was a recommended software...
  15. TRG

    Inexpensive UHF antenna

    Not sure how long this will last. Only 14.99 for a Stellar Labs 43 element Yagi. No, I don't work for MCM. Just wanted to pass along what looks like a good deal...
  16. TRG

    107.3W Anik F1R 4140 V 30000

    Im having trouble with the transponder listed in the subject line. The other transponders I'm interested in, 4020 and 4060 come in great with a quality reading of 75. I am using fine tuned 6 foot prime focus which is probably the problem. Receiver is GeosatPro MicroHD. I tried deleting the...
  17. TRG

    Software for dish alignment

    I recently picked up a TBS5980 tuner for my Myth TV set-up. I've been thinking that I can also use it along with a laptop to align my dishes. My preferred operating system is Linux but one of my laptops is dual boot with windows. I know that Kaffeine has signal and quality meters but I'd like...
  18. TRG

    DVB-S2 USB tuner for MythTV

    Hi folks, I've been struggling to get my HD HomeRun EXTENDED and a MythTV backend set-up for a several days now. I did things the hard way (I usually do.) I installed a minimal install of Ubuntu then apt-get the necessary add ons to create a MythTV backend. I'm using a ChromeBox modified to run...
  19. TRG

    GEOSATpro Please help with MicroHD Bootloop issue

    I managed to bootloop my receiver by simply de-selecting a satellite in the sat list. I have a recovery cable and I'm able to get the STB working again. My problem comes when I try to edit my channel list with the Ali Editor. After my edits I upload the userdb.udf file and the receiver...
  20. TRG

    Montana PBS Saturday Night Britcoms

    Is anyone else a bit let down by the fact that the MPBS Britcoms are down to two thirty minute shows? And no Red Green? I thought that the Saturday night movie thing was only for the month of October. Its still going. I'm thinking that I might swing my fixed Ku dish from 125 to 87. Louisiana PBS...