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    10 foot Winegard dish in Florida

    Trying to help out an old friend in Florida. Located about 18 miles from Ocala, in community of Ocklawaha, FL. He has the following: Winegard CK-1088 8-section antenna with Stainless steel nuts and bolts, assembly instructions and 75-80 ft satellite ribbon cable. Also a pole mounting assembly...
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    Paraclipse 2.3 m / 7.5 foot Hydro Antenna feed supports

    Does anyone have an installed Paraclipse Hydro 7.5-foot antenna? Two versions of its reflector were made. Prior to 1991, it was a deep dish with an f/d of 0.312 and a focal distance of 28.125 inches. Later models had a "normal" f/d of 0.375 with a focal distance of 31.8 inches. I took one of...
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    Movies! and H & I coming to Madison, WI

    Local CW affiliate 57.1 (RF 32) has just mapped HEROES & ICONS plus MOVIES! on their .2 and .3 subchannels in Madison, Wisconsin. This is good news because the entire Weigel Bcstg mux was supposed to end FTA satellite on 101 West C-band any day now. Subscriptions to Weigel channels will be...
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    Troubled icebergs ahead

    Do a blind scan of 139 West, and you should see the first video mux EVER on the vertical polarity. 4080-V @ 30.000 Note that all Alaska spot beam channels are on horizontal, and don't get out much past western Montana. What should appear is an 18 channel multiplex of 9 Alaskan broadcast...
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    Preview of an announcement that will be made on WEDNESDAY night's satellite talk shows (both Satellite Guys and SatTalk). Our sale of lost treasure (KTI 10-foot model SI-10 mesh antennas) must come to an end after this week. We have a buyer willing to purchase anything not sold by this...
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    10-foot Mesh Antennas Available

    A lot of you have expressed the desire to have a larger mesh antenna, preferably new. Your response to this limited offer will also give me an indication as to what the true market is for mesh antennas. I have just located a small warehouse supply of 10-foot KTI 4-piece sectional mesh...
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    Bob Cooper interview on June 5

    Join Mike Kohl and Ralf Black at 8pm Central time tonight (WED, June 5) for a live conversation with Bob Cooper in New Zealand. Connect to us at If you have a question for Mr Cooper, you can call in live, or drop it in an Email in advance to Mike Kohl at
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    Anik F1R and Anik G1 signal survey Post your results.

    Shaw Direct turned on the Anik G1 satellite for customer use on May 29, 2013. Given the lack of information on signal strength past the northern third of the U.S. Lower 48, it would be a helpful exercise for those equipped to do so to take some readings. Please limit reports to those using...
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    Skyway USA Internet (off the air for how long?)

    Does anyone know exactly what is going on at Skyway USA? Almost a week ago, their satellite service went out on 105 West, and all customers are told to change their computer for "dialup only" mode of access. Their website at Satellite Internet Service Provider | SkyWay USA | $39.95/mo. claims...
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    What's New At Skyvision?

    As many of you know, I have been burning the candles at both ends in recent weeks, commuting between Fergus Falls, Minnesota and Plain, Wisconsin, racking up about a thousand miles of driving a week. Please click on the following link to see the monster that I have just created for...
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    News & Views Monthly Update

    Just to let you know what I was up to during the month of May. Go to the monthly Global Communications NEWS & VIEWS section for a picture report of an installation trip across the Bering Strait. All reception using Free-To-Air digital!
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    DSR-410 News

    Latest updates on the DSR-410 situation, Skyvision and Satellite Receivers Ltd: The DSR-410 receiver has returned front and center, after testing has confirmed that it can be re-mapped and used for C-band reception on AMC-18 satellite at 105 West. Preliminary testing has confirmed that a...
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    TRAXIS DBS-3500 AC-3 audio FIXED

    Just a note to announce that DMS International has just received software to allow use of the TRAXIS DBS-3500 and pass AC-3 Dolby digital from both the RCA Coaxial output as well as the SPDIF optical output ports, to a Dolby Digital equpped stereo receiver. Global Communications has tested...
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    Satellite Radio Pioneer Dean Spratt Has Passed Away

    Dean Spratt, whose voice should be very familiar to longtime satellite TV and radio enthusiasts, died in hospital at Minneapolis, Minnesota, around 3pm Saturday, January 20, 2007, following complications from a massive stroke. Dean's most recent gig (for more years than this writer can...
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    Mike's Working Vacation In Siberia (in December)

    Just to let you all know....I'm back on American soil, after 17 days in Russia, doing a site survey and installation at a remote mining camp in eastern Siberia. Full details on this adventure can be found in the latest NEWS AND VIEWS update on the Global Communications website at
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    Bob Cooper Needs Your Stories

    Bob Cooper, who was the driving force in starting the home satellite industry, is publishing a new book, tentatively scheduled for release to coincide with the next Satellite show in Atlanta in April. He would like to receive any stories that veterans of the early C-band part of this industry...
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    Sirius Reception in Alaska

    How accurate is the footprint map shown for Sirius in this section? Specifically, it implies that Anchorage and Fairbanks, Alaska, are outside the coverage area. Since this is a polar orbiting system, I would suspect that coverage would be broader (no look angle issues) into central and...
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    Fox-Madison WI new digital channel

    WMSN-Fox 47 Madison (WI) now has a second channel on their digital mux. Both use VHF-11 for the digital transmission. 47-1 is WMSN-Fox 47 Madison 47-2 is THE TUBE music videos
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    Let's Be Nice To Hackers (suggestion)

    While we are having fun banning certain stupid people, here's a suggestion to string these people out: volunteer the frequency and symbol rate for SKY ANGEL on Echostar 7, which was in the clear the last time I checked. Except don't spell out what is on this channel....just tell the fool that...
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    Independent Performance Testing of several 75-90 cm Offset antennas

    Now on my website at Independent carrier-to-nose results from testing on the following antennas: Paraclipse 90 cm Millennium round offset antenna Primestar by Channel Master 84-E Elliptical offset antenna Primestar by Channel Master 75-E...