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  1. HobbyTalk

    No guide data after repack

    Two days ago WZVN CBS in SW Florida repacked their channels and my Dish guide data is missing. Just showing the stations call letters. I've updated/downloaded the guide data and that hasn't helped. Any ideas on how to solve this or do I just have to wait until Dish gets the data straightened out?
  2. HobbyTalk

    Amazon Echo/Dot Commands

    Maybe we can compile a list of commands that can be used with the Amazon Echo/Dot to control the Hopper. I can start a list on this first post and add on to it to help others using this feature. If you have any that aren't listed just post a reply and I'll edit this post. Known Commands Alexa...
  3. HobbyTalk

    Analyst Predicts Dish, T-Mobile & Amazon Super Union

    Excerpt: A three way partnership between DISH, Amazon and T-Mobile therefore seems to me to be the single most likely deal to emerge in the next few weeks. T-Mobile has emphasized its desire for a rapid build out of its large block of new spectrum, and it could easily include a buildout of...
  4. HobbyTalk

    Dish Nabs 6.2b in Spectrum

    T-Mobile was the auction's biggest participant with $8 billion in spectrum winnings, followed by DISH at $6.2 billion, Comcast at $1.7 billion, and AT&T at $910 million. The auction's biggest losers won't be made publicly available for several years...
  5. HobbyTalk

    Remote Programming for AV Receiver

    Arrrrg, having problems programming my remote for my A/V receiver. I've searched here and even the Dish site but just can't seem to get it. I have Hopper and an Onkyo receiver. The remote is a 40. When I press and hold the AUX button all 4 buttons light up. I then press 2 (according to the Dish...
  6. HobbyTalk

    Recording Netflix

    Hey all, had Dish and dropped them in '11 when I stopped RVing and moved. Getting a HWS installed on Sunday. Will it be possible to record programming from the Netflix app? Did a search but couldn't find the Answer. Also, do the techs normally carry OTA dongles and can they add them if it isn't...
  7. HobbyTalk

    Dish for RV

    I go camping about every other weekend in the summer and head south for a couple months in the winter. Finally got tired of OTA only so I bought a 211K and a Wineguard Carryout RV antenna. What I plan on doing is adding the 211K as a 2nd receiver on my home account and just put in the RV when I...
  8. HobbyTalk

    SlingGuide View on Web Problem

    I know that most don't have a SlingBox hooked up but for those that do has anyone noticed the following. When viewing on the web via the SlingGuide I will go to full screen. After 10 or 15 minutes the screen will resize back down to the windowed version on it's own. I can go back to full screen...