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    Anyone know what brand this dish is?

    I have to go pick this up tomorrow morning, looks like the dish itself is probably toast but I'm hoping the mount and actuator are good. The guy who has it says it's an 8' and about twenty years old, that's all I know of it. Anyone know what it is? Thanks!
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    Can anyone identify this dish?

    Anyone know what this dish would've been used for?
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    MSNBC live stream on Sling?

    Does anyone know if a live stream for MSNBC is available on Sling? My sister just got Sling and she asked me, but I know nothing about Sling. She's using it on a Roku (not sure which one) and said she found MSNBC, but it's not live. Said she would pay extra if a live stream is available.
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    Conifer buttonhook?

    Does anyone have a picture of the mount at the end of a 12' Conifer buttonhook (the part the scalar and LNBF attaches to) that they could post up for me? The one on mine is a real pain and I don't think it's right, looks like someone just welded a old muffler clamp on to hold the LNBF. I'm...
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    GEOSATpro MicroHD Radio logo

    Does anyone know how big of a radio logo can be loaded into the MicroHD? The stock one is like 43kb, a mk2 file, [mpeg2 with no audio] I'd like to put one in slightly bigger for the Radio logo, so I can have the logo moving and not just static, so it doesn't burn in a image on my plasma TV. If...
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    Bad wind gusts in CT tonight.

    Really strong wind gusts here tonight! Heard a loud bang outside a little while ago and when we checked our security cameras, the wind had ripped one of my Slimline dishes and the 4x4 it was bolted to off of the folding ladder that I use for a temporary mount to try out new dishes on and sent...
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    Smarty Ads?

    This has popped up twice on me in the last half an hour or so on here, I don't know if it's here on site, or some issue here on my computer, or a false positive?
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    Simon Bolivar 78W C band

    Really got shocked tonight, re-scanned all sats back into my receiver because I fixed some stuff on it, [HDVR3500] and factory reset it. Tried scanning 78W and I actually locked in 3885/V/23000 and got all the channels listed on SatHint that are there on the C side and a bunch of radio stations...
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    Modulating a satellite channel onto a OTA channel

    I'd mentioned about modulating a satellite channel onto our OTA setup here in another thread and Fred555 asked if I could start a thread on it, so here goes. It's pretty simple, in the way I did it. The reason why I did it is to share a few satellite channels with my parents who live in our...
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    DMX741 C/KU LNB mod to fix drifting Ku

    Got bees into the C1WPLL on my 9' dish again, about a week ago. This time I didn't want to take the time moving them and just sprayed them and for whatever reason, it killed the C1, dead, no signal on nothing. I took it off the dish and couldn't see anything wrong with it, so I rinsed the barrel...
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    Bees in C1WPLL, can center hole in the cover be filled?

    For a week or so now, I've been losing stations on my 9'. Went out today and found the problem, bees nest in the LNB, a C1WPLL. It has a plastic cover on it, but a bee still made a nest in it. The center hole in the cover looks big enough for a bee to fit through, the other holes look to small...
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    GEOSATpro RF remote control extender with a MicroHD?

    Has anyone ever used one of these RF remote extenders with a MicroHD receiver and knows how well it works with one? My MicroHD is in our living room, the HDMI output is hooked to the TV in that room and the other output is run to a modulator so on all of our other TVs throughout the house we...
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    Homemade BUD [Not Big Ugly Dish, Butt Ugly Dish] Works though!

    Here's a few pictures of the Ku dish I made from fiberglass and tin foil. I actually found a good use for it, the SG2100 motor I have is too weak to move the steel dish but it moves this one with no problems, the thing weighs maybe five pounds, if that. It's not finished yet, I have to take the...
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    Does anyone know what this LNBF is?

    Came across this LNBF the other day while digging through stuff in my garage looking for something, does anyone know what it is? I suspect it is C/Ku, but I'm not sure. I don't even remember where I got it from and the label is gone, there's no part numbers or anything on it anywhere.
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    Solar cooker made from a satellite dish?

    Not entirely FTA, but has anyone made a solar cooker from a satellite dish before? My daughter is making one for a school science project and I was wondering if anyone has done it before and what the results were if they did. I gave her one of my small 18'' X 22'' Direct TV dishes to use for it...
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    Cheap F connector compression/crimper tool and connectors

    If anyone is looking to make/repair coax cables on the cheap, I just bought a Klien Tools VDV212-008-SEN Compact F-Connector Compression Crimper for $15 and free shipping on Amazon: And these F connectors for $12.99 and free shipping, [bag of 50] : I tried them out tonight and both the...
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    GEOSATpro Odd screen on the MicroHD

    This is isn't a problem, just a screen that I don't know what it is for sure. If you're in the TP list on the MicroHD and press the mute button, it comes up. Curious as to what it is.
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    200' - 250' cable run?

    I just picked up a 12' dish and I'm going to set that up in place of my 9' Radio Shack dish. I'm going to take the RS dish and set it up for my parents next door and it looks like the cable run will be between 200' - 250'. Is this too far? I'll be using a V Box 7 to move the dish. I could put...
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    Supported partition formats for external hard drive on MicroHD?

    Does anyone know what partition formats the MicroHD supports for an external hard drive drive for recording? My MicroHD will recognize the drive formatted NTFS but says "no record partition" when trying to record. Formatted ExFAT, the Micro won't even recognize the drive. Thanks!
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    Does MeTV on 99W have issues?

    Does anyone know if there's something amiss with the MeTV Ozarks at 3720/H/8703 on 99W C Band? It use to come in good but lately that transponder is acting weird on my setup, all others are fine. If I tune to MeTV, it doesn't come in, 0% Quality and signal says 45%, as if nothing's there. If I...