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  1. mcasdorph

    Extremely Odd VIP722 Behavior

    The last week or so, I've been having signal loss (partial & complete) on my 1000.2 EA setup, It used to show 1K.2 under device in Installation Summary, now it recognizes is as DP Feed or some crap in System info but doesn't say anything under Installation summary.. This is what it used to say...
  2. mcasdorph

    Mast clamp question

    I set a piece of fence pipe (measured 2-1/4" dia, If I remember right) in concrete the other day and I only had one clamp that was kinda damaged, I was trying to figure out what size clamps to buy online and make sure they fit the mast, can someone tell me what the standard size clamps that fit...
  3. mcasdorph

    Missing Channels on Guide

    After switching from WA to EA I seem to be missing some channels. I used this webpage to find the TP for the channels, supposedly updated daily h**p:// What I'm Missing 379 - 388 379 Retro - Sat 72.7, TP-28 (my signal strength on TP - 48) 380 Epix - 72.7...
  4. mcasdorph

    Trying to setup 1000.2 EA on 61.5 & 72.7

    OK, created this new thread since the Dish is a 1000.2 and not a 1000.4 as originally thought, I bought the new DPP Twin lnb for the 1000.2 and installed it. I'm trying for 61.5 & 72.7, I set the skew and elevation for my location using a Dish PDF for installing the 1000.2 EA & WA, the skew and...
  5. mcasdorph

    pointing at 61.5 & 72.7 with 1000.4 WA dish

    I am trying to point at satellites 61.5 and 72.7 with a 1000.4 western arc dish, I know that you can point at those SATs with a dish 500, I think I also heard you can with a dish 1000.4, so how would I do that? Cover the 110 & 129 and put the dish scew at 90 and aim for 61.5 with the 119 lnb and...
  6. mcasdorph

    OTA Antenna with a Dish VIP722 Reciever

    I bought one FP-9000 Antenna a while back and had a question, I've been trying to run the OTA signal into my Dish VIP722 receiver that has a OTA Tuner built into it, I believe it works running into that OTA port fine. What I'm having problems with is trying to use one cable for the entry, when I...
  7. mcasdorph

    Problem with one of the Encore channels

    I recently switched my package from Dish America to Americas Top 120, but I believe it was like this before the switch also, my channel 340 is Green on the EPG.. but when I select INFO, it shows the lock as unlocked but also shows the UPGRADE icon (green arrow pointing up, I'm assuming that is...
  8. mcasdorph

    Just a quick technical question about signals and distance

    I know that terrain, trees and other obstacles can affect the receiving of the signals, but I've been tinkering with my Ariel antenna today, trying to pickup a local station to watch Mash & Andy Griffith, since none of the channels I'm getting with dish are airing those shows without changing my...
  9. mcasdorph

    Peaking Signal, Help needed!

    I have noticed that my HD signal has faded and that overall my signal on 110,119 & 129 have all lowered, We had a ton of snow in mid-Feb (8" +/- multiple times), then a lot of rain, then in early March some 10"-14" more snow and then melting and rain, I have my Dish mounted to the post on my...
  10. mcasdorph

    Trying to setup Duo receiver using 1 line and cable system, Need Help!

    Ok, I originally had my Dish Network 322 Dual Receiver hooked up to a second TV with the Attenuator and a cable stretching across to another room, I decided to try the single line cable system method, and I'm having issues, I have the LNB 1 hooked up to a splitter in the cable junction box, then...
  11. mcasdorph

    Dishpointer Pro error on LG P350 Optimus Me

    Just downloaded and installed the app, it brings up the License (Buy, Enter, Cancel) screen and try to click anything I get "Sorry! Activity DishPointer Pro (In Application DishPointer Pro) is not responding"
  12. mcasdorph

    Upgrade from Dish 500 to Dish 1000.2 WA, Problems

    I had a Dish 500 on 110 and 119, I bought a Dish 1000.2 WA to get 129 which has my locals (yes I upgraded my dish for the, The thing is, I took the 500 down and put up the 1000.2 and ran the switch test and it says "One of the satellite inputs or switches is not connected properly...