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  1. Rolling Joe

    Extra Innings Observation/Question

    So, I'm sitting here watching the Phillies play the Mets at home and I'm wondering why Dish chooses to provide the SNY feed of the game rather than the Comcast/NBC Philly feed. MLB provides both, don't they? When I had IE on DTV a few years ago, I could routinely watch the home feed, especially...
  2. Rolling Joe

    No Save Button on OTA Screen

    My Hopper 3 detects the OTA module and reboots. When I access the OTA channels screen, I have scan, select all, deselect all, delete and edit buttons. All of them work. I have no save button before or after I successfully do a scan. The OTA module is useless unless I can save the scanned...
  3. Rolling Joe

    KXLY Spokane Temporarily Back Up

    Since the uplink reports are currently AWOL, I though I would mention that Morgan Murphy's KXLY-TV, Spokane, is temporarily back on Dish in spite of the contract dispute. Morgan Murphy asked Dish to return the station so subscribers can receive news updates about the numerous wildfires in...
  4. Rolling Joe

    Mariners Baseball in HD Everywhere But The Pacific Northwest

    Available in HD on EI. Both the Mariner and Rockies feeds. Not available in HD on the Dish Roots Sports Northwest HD channel. Why do baseball fans everywhere else get to watch the game HD? It certainly can't be the old "not enough bandwidth" excuse. Hey Dish.....make what you're already...
  5. Rolling Joe

    Has Charlie Met His Match?

    Not another Fox News thread. :) Computers Conquer Texas Hold'em Poker for First Time Heads up.
  6. Rolling Joe

    Yet Another Failed Dish Negotiation

    From Sony to Release ‘The Interview’ in Theaters, on VOD Despite Threats comes this little factoid: "A plan to distribute “The Interview” over Dish Network fell apart after talks between Sony and the satellite TV provider broke down over the weekend." I guess they were too busy with Fox.
  7. Rolling Joe

    2015 Dish Price Increase

    Over on the antichrist DBS Forum, One "Tsmacro" posts that all the English Dish Network packages (with the exception of the Smart Pack) will increase $5.00 per month early next year. Any truth to this? Given all the contentious contract renewals, I'm guessing this sounds about right.
  8. Rolling Joe

    No 5.1 Dolby Digital

    On TNT during "The Last Ship" and "Falling Skies". When I switched my receiver to Dolby Surround, all the audio was on the center channel, so I don't think TNT is even in stereo. Also noticed no 5.1 DD on any of the Epix channels. Other channels like AMC, ESPN and Showtime all still have 5.1...