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  1. Vinnie

    GEOSATpro microHD Favorites

    You do it from the menu > TV channel list screen. You select the favorite tab by pressing the left-bottom key on the number pad. Hope this helps.
  2. Vinnie

    Advice needed.

    I looked at the product page and it looks like you might be able to receive FTA Ku band signals. I'm not sure at all though, it just looks like a very capable setup. Have you tried contacting Orbit Communications Systems support staff? They might be able to help. ?What do you currently...
  3. Vinnie

    Which FTA LNB would you recommend?

    Do you need a LNBF or just the LNB? Personally, I like the Invacom SNH-031. I use one with my GeosatPRO 90cm + DG380 motor and MicroHD and this combination works very well for me. They also make a LNB-only version - the SNF-031. Invacom has several LNB/Fs on their products page, if you're...
  4. Vinnie

    Only getting a few channels on Galaxy 19

    Yes, you're very close. I setup a Ku motorized FTA dish for the first time in February and I was surprised at how little you have to move the dish before it's aimed at another satellite it seemed less than inches in any given direction. A little movement is all it takes. When you install a...
  5. Vinnie

    GEOSATpro Just got the microhd today and about settings

    This post inspired me to play around with the microHD TV System settings. I had it set to 'By Source / Auto / Bitstream' connecting to my AVR > TV in order to display a 4:3 format for SD channels and 16:9 format for HD channels, but I didn't really like the audio/display time out when...
  6. Vinnie

    72W 12053/6890

    Mine scans in at 12052/V/6890 - 74% SQ - the microHD took a few seconds to lock onto the signal
  7. Vinnie

    Trouble Getting AMC 6 @ 72W

    You might try adjusting the skew a bit. I was unable to scan in any channels until I fine tuned my LNB.
  8. Vinnie

    sun outage?

    According to the calculator,today March 7th, is the last day the spring sun outages will affect my location.
  9. Vinnie

    Yesterday Was Not A So LUCKY Day

    Perhaps buy one of those $10 satellite finder meters? It came in very handy during my recent install as the meter is very sensitive when the dB dial is turned up and responds instantly when you're getting near to a satellite. We had it at the 3 o'clock position (meter needle at 5 when there's...
  10. Vinnie

    Sun Outage Calculator Update

    Tracking the sun outage right now. The channels at 97w G19 are unwatchable with a signal strength of 7% on Russia Today 12152/H/20000 Ku.
  11. Vinnie

    TheCOOLTV Gone from 97W?

    It's still on OTA channel 60 in Denver as of this morning.
  12. Vinnie

    Yesterday Was Not A So LUCKY Day

    Sure, thanks again and keep up the great work! :D Best, Vinnie
  13. Vinnie

    Yesterday Was Not A So LUCKY Day

    Hi there - first of all I just want to say I'm a big fan of SatelliteAV and GEOSATpro. I'm new to this hobby and pretty amazed by the excellent support of your products and the frequent microHD firmware updates. I love the 90cm dish and microHD I bought and am looking forward to purchasing the...
  14. Vinnie

    Yesterday Was Not A So LUCKY Day

    That was the case for me, too. Both the motor manual and said 28.7 as the dish bracket elevation setting which leads me to think the GEOSATpro dish bracket elevation setting differs from other models when used with a motor. This is pure conjecture, though, as I have not...
  15. Vinnie

    Yesterday Was Not A So LUCKY Day

    Hello, newbie FTA'er here. My guess is dish elevation. I recently completed my first installation using a Powertech DG380 motor, Invacom SNH031 LNBF and a GEOSATpro 90cm dish. The chart that came with the motor said to set the dish elevation at 28.7 degrees for my latitude in Denver and...