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  1. Chewie

    4:2:2 feeds

    Hello All I was looking in the VIX forum and saw the Thread on 4:2:2. Check it out maybe it can work for the MIO's receivers. Regards. Chewie
  2. Chewie

    Connecting 2 lnb's to 2 receivers

    Hello Guys I have a twin Ku Inverto black Ultra LNB and a C-BAND C2-PLL Dual output, I want to be able to connect both to 2 receivers or maybe 3, I want to receive ku and c-band channels on each receiver, I been looking to around to find out which switch or switches I should use, would a...
  3. Chewie

    Vix-Turquoise-HD Skin

    I installed this new skin on the Vix Image and it looks very nice, try it out, down load the last .ipk file dated 7/17/2019 Regards. Chewie New Skin for OpenVIX U5PVR-HD - Page 2
  4. Chewie

    Universal LNB freq. settings

    Hello All I have a question on how to set the correct frequencies when use User Defined on the satellite setup screen on Enigma Receivers. I always get confused on it, I need to know which frequency should I input that will cover all the Ku satellites. LoF/L LoF/H Threshold On the Blind Scan...
  5. Chewie

    DreamBox Control Center E2

    Here is another program That I use, to telnet, ftp,upload packages,openwebif. it works very good.
  6. Chewie


    Hello All I found this program, is similar to the Dream edit, I been playing with it and it looks very good, it connects to the STB and you can look at all the Satellites you have.
  7. Chewie

    103W Ku NC mux

    Hello All Just wondering if this Mux still active. Let me know. Thanks in Advance. Regards. Chewie
  8. Chewie

    New Ku band Project

    Hello Gents I have started a new project is a 1.2m solid dish, Stab motor, non-penetrating mount that will go on top of my patio, I assembled it on the ground for testing and I am having problems. According to the Stab instructions it should be set to my Latitude and is set to 34 degrees, now...
  9. Chewie

    satellite dish actuator clamp placement

    Hello Gents I removed my actuator because it was binding a little, I have a 24" Venture Actuator on a 10' dish, my true south satellite is 117.0, I have noticed that when it move to the east it can only go down to around 87 sat and most likely the clamp on the actuator is not set properly so the...
  10. Chewie

    Venture Actuator Limit Switch Adjustment

    Hello Gents I am hoping someone can help me out, I have a 24" venture actuator on my dish now and I have never been able to set the limits, the instructions at the venture side are not very good to me or just me. I am attaching a picture of the box. I would appreciate any help. Thanks in...
  11. Chewie

    Satellite Dishes for free

    Hello All I have a Laux Beta 9 solid dish 9 feet, also a 1.2 meter dish, they both are in good condition and sitting down on my side yard and I need to let them go for free, the 1.2m has a motor on it. I Live in the Riverside California area, if anybody is interested please send me a message, no...
  12. Chewie

    ASC1 Setup with 3 Receivers

    Hello Gents I am looking for Ideas on how to setup my ASC1 with 3 receivers, right now the ASC1 is setup as stand alone. My dish has ortho mode setup, 2 lnb's for ku-band and 2 lnb's for C-band they are connected to a 4x8 multi-switch, how can I connect all 3 receivers to the ASC1 to drive the...
  13. Chewie

    The wife kill my dish actuator

    Hello Guys My wife was working on the yard today and and digging on the ground with the shovel and hit the actuator wire, now when I try to move the dish to another satellite it just clicks one time and moves a step and the ASC1 displays Reach W/E LIMITS limit switch? sensor? Motor blocked ? Is...
  14. Chewie

    What causes duplicate channels after blind scan

    Hello Gents I am having an issue getting duplicate channels only on the KU side only, I am not sure what is the problem. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Regards. Tunder
  15. Chewie

    Dish ID

    Hello Gents Need to ID this dish and if it takes a 3.5' or 4" pole, is a 10 foot and not far from my house. Please let me know. Thanks in advance. Regards. Tunder
  16. Chewie

    Norsat Lnb's

    Hello Gents I have 2 Norsat Dro Lnb 8115 on my feedhorn and I want to increase my SQ, my question to the members here is if the Norsat PLL lnb can do better and improve the SQ. I would appreciate any comments. Thanks in advance. Regards. Tunder
  17. Chewie

    Pansat DP-4 Dual C/Dual Ku Feed Horn

    Hello Guys Just wondering if any members here have any experience with this feed. Please let me know. Regards. Tunder
  18. Chewie

    ASC1 Editor Loader Software

    Hello Guys I have a question regarding the loaders to upgrade the ASC1, I downloaded editors ver 1.7,1.8,2.0 to 3 of my computers and they are having a problem, all the computers have windows 10, the problem is when I try to run them I get this error " cannot load library Qt5SerialPort.dll...
  19. Chewie

    ASC1 1.8 Loader problems

    Hello Guys I finally trying to set up my ASC1 replacement unit that Brian gave us, I uploaded SW Ver. 20140903v1. I used loader 1.6 to upload the SW and is in there . I do not have the ASC1 connected to the dish, I downloaded Loader 1.8, when i try t run the program it gives me this message "...
  20. Chewie

    105W NBC

    Hello all I s anybody getting the NBC channels on 105W, I can't get them, I was getting them yesterday morning by the after noon they were gone. Regards. Tunder