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  1. PHXHoward

    Golden Globe awards

    Did anyone else miss the beginning of the Golden Globe awards? The Dish guide indicated that it started at 7 PM Arizona time. When I started watching the recording, it had already been on for a while so the beginning was not recorded.
  2. PHXHoward

    OTA issues HWS

    Hi. Visited my mom tonight and learned that she is having OTA issues. Dish contacted her about the OTA antenna and they came out and installed it on June 1st. She told me today that since the OTA install, she has not been able to watch OTA recordings until the next day. She gets a green dotted...
  3. PHXHoward

    18 recordings!

    Not sure if anyone has tried this but you really can record 16 shows and 2 OTA channels at the same time on the Hopper 3. Just think, if you downloaded an on-demand show too then that would be 19 shows coming in all at the same time. Amazing!
  4. PHXHoward

    Bloomberg TV

    Noticed that Bloomberg TV is available in my Top 120 pack. It isn’t listed as free preview.
  5. PHXHoward

    DishAnywhere on FireTV

    Hi, in recent months DishAnywhere on Amazon FireTV has become unusable for me. It stops every few minutes to buffer, sometimes never resuming, and often has a spinning circle in the center of the screen. DishAnywhere is one of the perks of the Dish Network subscription. Wish it was more stable.
  6. PHXHoward

    Hopper 3 SAP confusion

    Is there a shortcut button on the Hopper 3 to accidentally switch to SAP Spanish? Trying to figure out what happened. Visited my Uncle today and he showed me that sports events like the NBA finals from ptat were in Spanish. I figured it was accidental SAP so I went into the Hopper menu to...
  7. PHXHoward

    Social media support on Twitter

    Is @dish_answers on Twitter legit? They are asking for my PIN number but they do not have the verified account blue check mark so I can’t be certain who would be receiving the information. I’m not sure what good looking at my account pin is going to do. My tweet was about how the guide data...
  8. PHXHoward

    Hopper 3 skipping timers again

    Well, the timer skipping issue did seem better for a while but now my Hopper 3 is frequently skipping The 11th Hour With Brian Williams. I have missed the show several times this week even though there has been a timer scheduled for months. This is really frustrating Dish.
  9. PHXHoward

    H3 no information available in guide

    My channels, 200 and above all say no information available in the guide. What's going on?
  10. PHXHoward

    Some issues with the Science Channel and Hopper 3

    What is going on here? The Science Channel shows that I want to watch are acting so odd. I've had an existing timer for NASA's Unexplained Files since last season. The new season started recently and I noticed that the new episode was not scheduled to record. All the repeats around it were...
  11. PHXHoward

    Stop button

    My uncle got a Hopper 3 with the smaller 50 remote. He says that there is no stop button and so he needs to fast forward all the way to the end of a show in order to be prompted to delete it. Is that true?
  12. PHXHoward

    Something didn't work as expected

    Hey now what just happened? I invite my mom over to my house each week to watch Top Chef. The new episode recorded on Thursday. She came over tonight. When I clicked play, it would not play. Immediately it jumped to the end of the 1 hour and 4 minutes and then prompted to delete/start over...
  13. PHXHoward

    Hopper versions

    Hi my mom is having Dish installed right now. I knew she was not going to get a Hopper 3 but I thought that the other option was Hopper with Sling. The Hopper that was delivered is called HOPPER REMAN STANDALONE. She will never use the Sling feature so I don't mind that it is missing but I want...
  14. PHXHoward

    Hopper to Hopper transfer

    Yesterday I did a Hopper to Hopper recording transfer from Hopper with Sling (new UI) over to a Hopper 3. Had to restart both Hoppers to get them to see each other across Ethernet but then they detected and the transfer began. It detected 125 recordings on the HWS and brought them over one by...
  15. PHXHoward

    U213 needs to go

    Can we please have an update for U213 that actually works before Wednesday? I'm trying to record the presidential debate but my HWS will not record it. When selecting the show from the guide, it says "Recording Skipped: Program no longer available". Almost three months without an update to...
  16. PHXHoward

    100/100 referral

    Does anyone know if Dish might extend the 100/100 referral bonus past 10/27? I want to do a referral of someone but they are under contract until December.
  17. PHXHoward

    Channels I get in the guide is wrong

    I have the SELECT package. For whatever reason the "channels I get" guide choice lists several channels that I don't in fact get such as ESPN and others. It has been that way for a long time. What gives? I'm fine with not having ESPN and don't want it listed in the channel list either.
  18. PHXHoward

    DVR issues with HR34

    Hi everybody. I'm writing because I hope to get some tips on how to help my mother deal with DirecTV. She has an HR34 DVR. Each morning when she wakes up and turns on the TV, the receiver tells her that it has lost its signal. She has to unplug then re-plug in the DVR and then go through the...
  19. PHXHoward

    Disney XD HD

    I hope that we can see Disney XD in HD before the second season of Star Wars Rebels starts in the Fall. It takes a week for the episodes to be posted in HD on demand, too long. Also with Droid Tales showing now, it would be a great time for the channel to go HD.
  20. PHXHoward

    On demand, subscribe to what?

    Hi, I have the Hopper with Sling. Often times it has happened that I'll have an idea of something that I want to watch and then search for it by name. It will show up in the results list with the designation "HD Free" but when I go to watch it, instead of a watch button, it has a subscribe...