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  1. Paul Wozniak

    Home theater revamp

    My home theater has been undergoing a heavy revamp the past few months. Gone are the JBL and Velodyne subwoofers, replaced by a pair of Polk 505 subs that I bought on Amazon for $400 for both. The Onkyo 805 avr which was getting old and tired, is on the scrap heap, replaced by a Pioneer Elite...
  2. Paul Wozniak

    Michigan/ That evil school from the South

    Never thought I would ever say this. This game will be ugly. Absolutely no chance for Michigan to win this game. Gardner has become a liability, and I'm not impressed with the coaching.
  3. Paul Wozniak

    Who's still here?

    Haven't been here in a long while, while so I'm posting to say hello to all my old friends, and introduce myself to the people who will be new friends.
  4. Paul Wozniak

    5 years!

    5 years ago I joined this site, Within moments I was dubbed "Nostradumbass" by Salsa. I just want to thank you all for a damn great time. And thanks for reading my drivel , rants, and raves. Hmmm..... also the anniversary of the "Shoot-out at OK Corral". Coincidence? I think not.
  5. Paul Wozniak

    Which one will sicken you first?

    Will it be Brett Favre and his "retirement/I'm back", or "where is LeBron going?" Both will be played into the dirt by ESPN.
  6. Paul Wozniak

    Re-dying leather furniture

    Anybody here have any experience in refinishing and re-dying leather furniture? We have a sectional sofa that is still in nice condition padding wise, but the leather is showing its age. Color is fading and looking worn. I want to re-do it, but I'm wondering if I should try this myself, or...
  7. Paul Wozniak

    Do I understand this right?

    Jayson Williams gets 18 months for a plea agreement for aggravated assault, where a limo driver dies. Plaxico Burress gets 2 years for shooting himself. Just too funny. Of course not for the limo driver Williams shot and killed. I guess it's not who gets shot, as much as where you shoot them.
  8. Paul Wozniak

    "Privacy center" virus

    Anybody here ever get this? And how do I get rid of it?
  9. Paul Wozniak

    Happy Birthday to my wife!

    Happy birthday honey!:love
  10. Paul Wozniak

    Yesterday was a rarity in sports

    I'll give you guys/gals a chance to figure out what made yesterday such a rare day in sports. Clue: It happens every year, about the same point on the calendar. I'll come back with the answer late, if nobody guesses.
  11. Paul Wozniak

    50 years ago in Little League

    50 years ago a tiny city called Hamtramck, MI won the Little League World Series. We are just a small city of 2 sq. miles completely surrounded by Detroit, about 4 miles North of downtown Detroit. Even more amazing was the fact that the same team repeated their World title in 1961 in the Pony...
  12. Paul Wozniak

    Cyber Ripoff?

    Somebody ripped me off this morning. I was checking my E-mail when I found notification from Sony that money was added to my "wallet" on my PS3. Four games were ordered for download at about 8AM yesterday morning. Called the bank to stop the charges and now I have to get a hold of Sony. These...
  13. Paul Wozniak

    Hot dog eating

    Joey Chestnut defended his title at Nathan's on the fourth of July. He ate a record 68 hot daogs, including buns, in 10 minutes. How many could you eat? Personally, I don't think I could consume 68 in a month's time. Although, when I was younger I did consume 9 dogs during a Tiger's Game at...
  14. Paul Wozniak

    The one after nine thousand, nine hundred, ninetynine

    This is the big one! The one you all have been waiting breathlessly for! I know you have all been watching all weekend to see what my 10,000th post would bring! So here it is! "There goes 30 seconds of your life, that you will never get back!" Pretty much like all the other dribble...
  15. Paul Wozniak

    Celtics/Pistons trade?

    The Boston Celtics offered Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo to the Pistons for Richard Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince and Rodney Stuckey, according to a report. The Pistons rejected the offer, according to Yahoo Sports, which attributed information of the trade offer to league sources. This is a joke...
  16. Paul Wozniak

    PS3 controllers

    My controller will no longer work wirelessly. The battery is charged (supposedly), but the controller won't operate unless it's hardwired. The controller is not that old. Are the batteries replaceable? Or did my kid change something in the settings I don't know about? Thanks in advance for...
  17. Paul Wozniak

    Who are your team's All-Stars?

    Speaking for the Detroit Tigers - Miguel Cabrera 1B, Brandon Inge 3B, he's having a phenomenal season. Pitchers Justin Verlander and Edwin Jackson deserve the nod also. Jackson was robbed of at least 3 wins this season by the bullpen. Verlander is throwing as well as anybody in MLB right...
  18. Paul Wozniak

    So you call yourself a hard-core gamer...

    This may not be up to forum etiquette, but I thought it was really funny. While I'm on the computer, my 4 yr. old son likes to play video games on our PS3. He is recently potty-trained, and while playing Ratchet and Clank a couple of days ago, he went and got his training potty from the...
  19. Paul Wozniak

    New software last night.

    Both of my HR-2X's downloaded new software last night. anybody got notes on this? Or am I the only one in the whole country to get this software?
  20. Paul Wozniak

    NBA Finals

    Yes, we can have a separate thread to discuss the finals! My spin on the finals - Lakers will win for the same reason Orlando beat Cleveland. The Lakers match up better against Orlando, especially if Odom brings his game for the whole series. Having said that, I still hope that Orlando wins...