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  1. cummingsje

    Series Recording Limit

    I've searched for the past 1/2 hr and cannot find an answer. What is the limit for series recordings (timers) on the HR54? Seems I read somewhere that it's 100 but really can't remember.
  2. cummingsje

    Hopper 3 update?

    Just got this on my Hopper 3. Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  3. cummingsje

    Wireless connection issues

    I recently moved and got Dish service. HWS Super Joey and Wireless Joey. I have the HWS connected via Wifi and sometimes it shows connected but other times not. I've troubleshot by connecting hard wired and it stays connected with no problems. I physically don't want to run a hard wired...
  4. cummingsje


    All, it's been awhile since I've posted here but I have a closing date on my new house for Sept. 30 and have a few questions. I currently have Charter with 2 Tivos (which by the way is a decent setup) at my current address. With the Fall TV premieres set to start between now and the time i...
  5. cummingsje

    Looking at coming back to Directv but have a question

    I spoke with a Directv CSR today and was given an extremely attractive deal (considering I would have to break my Dish Contract). One thing he mentioned was that by bundling my Directv account with my current AT&T DSL account would net me $10/month savings on my DSL. I wondered if anyone has a...
  6. cummingsje

    5.3 IR REMOTE FOR DTV PAL / 722K

    I'm hoping someone can answer my question. I have a DTV Pal I've had since beta with a 5.3 IR remote. I also have a 722K with it's stock remotes. I had the DTV Pal remote address setup as 6 so everytime I used the 722K it wouldn't also operate the Pal. I just swapped the batteries out on the...
  7. cummingsje

    722K Defying Gravity Recording Problem

    I've had the 722K since April and have had really no problems to speak of. We recorded the two hour pilot of Defying Gravity the other night and experienced a problem with the recording. About 2/3 of the way into the recording it skipped to the end. I tried skipping back, fast forwarding...
  8. cummingsje

    Lost Signal Screen "Popping Up"

    Haven't seen this issue in recent threads and wondered if anyone else was experiencing it. I have a 722K and within the past couple of weeks I've been getting random lost satellite signal errors. A simple guide button press gets rid of the error but it is starting to get a little aggrevating...
  9. cummingsje

    Anyone here a member of IGZ?

    I've been a member here for awhile and just wondered if anyone plays the PC Game AOC (Age of Kings 2 - Conquerors) and are members on the IGZ site. The site's been down for a couple of days and wondered also if anyone has been able to access it. If anyone responds it would be nice to know of...
  10. cummingsje


    Hi all, just wondering what some of your preferences are in the way of wireless routers. I currently have a Linksys wireless g router but wondered what, if any, reasons there may be to upgrade to an "n" router. I'm fairly happy with Linksys and have had a netgear wireless router that I was...
  11. cummingsje

    Windows 7 from XP Question / Issue

    Windows 7 install went fine and the program seems to run very well. However, I like to play a specific game online and through my LAN (Age of Kings - Conquerors Expansion). It's a Microsoft / Ensemble Studios game and while the game itself works fine over the internet, I can't get it to work...
  12. cummingsje

    Odd Timer Behavior - 722K

    I've got any interesting timer issue. Last night my wife said she was having problems with two of her soaps pixelating. They are both setup as "new" recordings on satellite local channel 12 (Flint, MI ABC). I know there to be problems with that channel from time to time on both the OTA and the...
  13. cummingsje

    722K Screen Saver

    I just got installed with a 722K on Saturday (had to have original swapped out on Monday due to bad rcvr). I had a 622 2 years ago and could have sworn that when you paused a recording that the rcvr would automatically go into screen saver mode after a short period of time. Unless I just don't...
  14. cummingsje

    Problem with Skip Forward on HR-21?

    Been on the site for awhile but new to D* (former E*). My wife told me today that she has experienced problems with the slip forward function. On a couple of occasions she said that when she pressed it the show would go to the end of the recording. I was a little skeptical until I did the...
  15. cummingsje

    61.5 vs. 129 Reception

    Been a member for over a year but still fairly new to Satellite technology but I've got a question / comment. I just recently added a 61.5 wing dish. My original equipment is a 1000.2 aimed at 110 / 119 / 129. Just because I was a little bored tonight I checked some of the channels i normally...
  16. cummingsje

    Flint, Mi Hd Lil

    I received the following from E* this a.m. I had sent an e-mail to the station about 8-9 months ago and they must have forwarded it to E*. It sounds like from the e-mail that Dish and the station may be in talks for the upcoming lauch of HD in Flint. Just thought others might want the info...
  17. cummingsje

    Power Inserter Question

    I'm doing a little re-wiring (cleaning up loose cables downstairs) and have a question. The installer ran my antenna line and satellite line together with a seperator. Is the power inserter used for that configuration? I would like to run a seperate line from my antenna to my 622 and wasn't...
  18. cummingsje

    HD PQ Change?

    Is it just me or does the HD picture quality look much better today? I've made no changes to my setup (HDMI to DVI and no menu changes). Applies to my 622. Haven't checked the 211.
  19. cummingsje

    622 Reboot While In DVR Schedule

    I've had this crop up a few times since I've had the 622 (Feb.) While scrolling down in the DVR schedule menu I get about 2-3 days down and it freezes for a couple of seconds and then re-boots. I haven't had it happen in a couple of weeks but this morning it has done it twice. Anyone else run...
  20. cummingsje

    622 Sound Issue

    Over the past week I have noticed a sound issue on my 622. It sounds a little like the sound is coming through a "tin can". There is no degraded video associated with this and it appears on random channels (HD and SD). It also doesn't occur all the time. I thought that perhaps my wife or I...