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  1. cyberham

    Edision Recordings Cut Off Early

    I made my first two recordings using my Edision OS Mio+. Each stopped recording at the 40 and 44 minute mark instead of recording the full 60 minutes as programmed on each timer. I wonder why? When I set the timer, I left the default "After event" setting on auto. I wonder if this should be set...
  2. cyberham

    C- and Ku-bands on 1.2m Dish

    I have installed my GEOSATpro SL1PLL Ku LNB on my motorized 1.2m dish with Titanium C1PLL LNBF and CS1 scalar. This allows me to receive C- and Ku-band satellites on the same dish. Currently, I am receiving on C-band 91W, 97W, 99W, 105W, 107.3W, 113W. On Ku, I am receiving 87W, 89W, 91W, 95W...
  3. cyberham

    First C-band Dish Install Strategy

    A few years ago, I sourced a used Perfect brand 7.5-foot dish from somebody located about 0.3 degrees latitude north of me and 1.3 degrees longitude west of me. I disassembled the dish myself so it appeared at the time to have been in use at some point at that house in the past. I want to do...
  4. cyberham

    Satellite Accessories: Princess Auto

    US$200 on sale for a 24 inch jack. Sent from my SM-G950W using the SatelliteGuys app!
  5. cyberham

    FREE FREE 10' C-band Dish: Halifax, NS

    Free 10-foot dish available in Mt. Uniacke, Nova Scotia: click here. Looks in decent condition. Somebody should rescue it.
  6. cyberham

    Height of Geosynchronous Satellite

    Just for fun, I'm trying to justify to myself why I may have lost signal from 125W. There are a lot of rain storms in east coast areas of the U.S these days. The signal from 125W originates from the satellite's geosynchronous position above the equator out in the Pacific Ocean and travels over...
  7. cyberham

    Satellite Splitter

    Can the photo item be substituted for a diseqc switch between one receiver and two dishes? I guess both LNBs would be powered all the time then. One dish has a motor. The other dish is fixed. What, if any, advantage would this be over using a diseqc switch? Sent from my SM-G950W using the...
  8. cyberham

    Higher FEC Preventing Reception

    Today on 103W SES3 Ku, I was able to compare two NBC signals simultaneously: Signal 1: DVB-S2 (8PSK) FEC 3/4 4600 kbps (NBC feed) Signal 2: DVB-S2 (8PSK) FEC 5/6 20000 kbps (main NBC tps) Though at a low SQ, I could lock Signal 1 and it was perfectly watchable. I could not (and can never)...
  9. cyberham

    C-Band Dishes Available near Halifax, NS

    Two big mesh dishes are being advertised near Halifax, Nova Scotia: 12-foot dish near Chester, NS: Click here - Make an offer. Been listed for 3 weeks. - He is leaving the area so I'm sure you could get it at low cost. - He is promoting it as a way to make a soaker tub! 7.5-foot dish near...
  10. cyberham

    More Precise Blind Scans

    The GeosatPro calls it Detailed Scan. The Openbox calls it Accurate Scan. What exactly do these more precise scans do that a Blind Scan doesn't? Do they simply scan more slowly? Or do they seek signals buried in the noise with lower C/N? I've often wondered if the additional time to use these...
  11. cyberham

    No Signals

    I know the dishes didn't move... Sent from my SM-G950W using the SatelliteGuys app!
  12. cyberham


    I can likely get a "new in-box" with all pieces for US$4 with local pickup. It supports DVB-S2 and MPEG4. I'm surprised what is on the market now. Anybody have 1st-hand experience to know if it actually receives satellite signals?
  13. cyberham

    Multi-LNB Holders Installed

    Since it was a balmy 35 F degrees today and sunny (even though it's the second shortest day of the year), I installed a couple multi-LNB holders. So far, I have LNBs installed for 87W and 91W on my 1-metre dish and 97W and 103W on my 1.2-metre dish. I like this holder design since it allows...
  14. cyberham

    Signal Quality vs. C/N

    My receiver gives a signal quality reading in %. Others have receivers that give C/N readings in dB. Is this carrier-to-noise ratio? The second method seems more useful since lyngsat posts C/N readings to lock a signal. Without buying a new receiver, can I get C/N readings for my received...
  15. cyberham

    Dead Ku-band LNB

    I get no indication that this LNB still works when I connect a receiver with voltage to it. It seems sealed and I can't open it (even destructively for educational purposes). Any hints how I could make it work again or at least see its electronics?
  16. cyberham

    Multi-LNB Question

    Easy question for those who have done it. Which side of main LNB should a second LNB be mounted on a fixed dish? Example: main LNB is pointing at 87W. Want second LNB to receive 91W. Do you mount second LNB to the right of main LNB? Sent from my SM-G950W using the SatelliteGuys app!
  17. cyberham

    Satellite Splitter

    I have this satellite splitter. It passes voltage to an LNB if a receiver is connected to the OUT port and LNB to the IN port. It doesn't pass voltage if connected the opposite way. I discovered when I tried to connect two LNBs to one receiver and it didn't work. So it seems to be for...
  18. cyberham

    How Bad is Too Bad?

    I'm doing the string test on my 1.2m Ku dish that hit the ground hard two times from wind storms recently. The long axis (vertical) string is 2.5 inches above the short axis (horizontal) at the center. Bad, huh? Will it work at all? I've been playing all day and I can't lock any sats. Closest...
  19. cyberham

    Diseqc Switches / LNBs Mounted Together

    I have acquired another good quality 43" x 40" Star Choice Ku dish yesterday for almost free. One person's garbage is another person's treasure. Its original LNB is in place but the plastic protector on the face of the LNB is missing. I can see the little Ku feedhorn. Does this matter or should...
  20. cyberham

    Ku Dish Difficulty

    I am attempting to get my 1.2-meter Ku dish working again after it went through Hurricane Dorian. The dish came down hard in the storm. I need the greatest satellite dish minds to provide advice. The dish works. I can receive my closest to due south satellite: 72W. I blind scanned in 16...