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  1. vurbano

    Channels App

    I wish they would integrate IPTV. Its a really nice App for high priced streaming services, cable and HDhomerun users and locast. The ability to input an IPTV server with username and password and it would be the Sh*t
  2. vurbano

    tivo stream 4k

    I use the USB C side for a 128GB sandisk cruiser glide for the system Drive. I have accomplished wired gigabit eethernet and usb hub with this device and a OTG cable. They sell a power adapter for the hub to power hard drives.
  3. vurbano

    tivo stream 4k

    HDR issue supposed to be fixed in July TiVo Stream 4K launched with problems, but a fix is coming
  4. vurbano

    tivo stream 4k

    you need to supply your own power to a hard drive. it wont power a hard drive on its own. I hooked up a 6tb G drive that had its own power source and it recognized it. it was thunderbolt 3/usb C. Tried a few other drives with powered adapters with no luck. I didnt go any further than that with...
  5. vurbano

    tivo stream 4k

    I have 3 of them. mainly for outdoor Tv and bedrooms. its not ready for prime time. The Sling association is a downfall. The tivo stream app doesnt integrate the airtv2 channels (a unit sling sells exclusively for locals) and stream doesnt have locals via internet. Their claim to locals in...
  6. vurbano

    Is it worth becoming a cable or satellite technician nowadays

    Heck if you own a ladder and can fog a mirror you can be a cable or sat tech.
  7. vurbano

    Are Japanese pitchers worth all the money

    Red Sox had won that led them to a championship a few years ago. I dont think its fair to lump them in a group. All pitchers are different regardless of ethnicity.
  8. vurbano

    Women's Soccer Championship

    glad I didnt see our flag getting dropped on the ground and trampled while 3 of these idiots did some chimpanzee dance. Kelley O'Hara rescues the American flag after teammate drops it during a World Cup victory dance
  9. vurbano

    MLB 2019 Baseball season

    Im a huge Red Sox fan since very little, and my Father having come from Maine. Red Sox pitching makes me ill and its been that way since training camp. Hell last year I used to complain about it. My MLB package isnt getting a lot of use. Its pointless watching them.
  10. vurbano

    Today's Birtdays

    Happy Birtday!
  11. vurbano

    Install I’m working on at a hotel

    Couldnt agree more. Even when properly aligned. Dosnt even have to rain to lose signal.
  12. vurbano

    Gas Price Info With National Gas Temperature Map

    $2.39 at Harris Teeter this morning with no discounts
  13. vurbano

    2018-19 NCAA Football Thread

    We should have ran the score up at the end. Denial aint just a river in Egypt. Video |
  14. vurbano

    2018-19 NCAA Football Thread

    This just in. Kyler Murray delivered his Heisman to the real QB on the field last nght and the one who would have stomped him statistically if he had played in more than one 4th quarter this year..
  15. vurbano

    2018-19 NCAA Football Thread

    Urban Liar wont be there much longer. Parents are not going to trust him and recruiting will suffer. That will be his demise.
  16. vurbano

    2018-19 NCAA Football Thread

    They really stink. LSU is not a real threat in the SEC either.
  17. vurbano

    2018-19 NCAA Football Thread

    And the best uniforms in College football remain unchanged virtually and belong to the greatest college football program ever created. BAMA.
  18. vurbano

    2018-19 NCAA Football Thread

    I think Auburn caught a huge break on that 3rd down play near the end of the game when washingtons QB was targeted and the call wasnt made. Even the announcers called it textbook.
  19. vurbano

    Nascar 2018

    to me road courses are one of the worst snoozers of all time. of course Nascar is killing itself anyway with this ridiculous chase nonsense and the mindless segment crap. No wonder stands look fairly empty much of the time.
  20. vurbano

    Marvel's Jessica Jones on Netflix

    love the show.